Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Be careful, she bites

My husband works nights two days a week so that Peanut goes to the babysitter only three days. A few days ago, he took her to the doctor for a quick check-up after her four-month visit while I was at work.
He was in the waiting room when a woman came in with what appeared to be her 4-year-old daughter. As the mother checked in, the daughter made a beeline for Peanut's diaper bag, opened it and began ripping things out. My husband, who has a good sense of humor, just started laughing. He didn't try to stop this child from putting her grimy-who-knows-what-kind-of-illness-she's-in-for hands all over our healthy daughter's things. When he did begin to try to pick up what the rugrat had strewn about, the mother actually turned around and said, "Be careful, she bites."
Not "I apologize for not teaching my daughter better manners so that she doesn't impulsively put her grubby little hands all over your precious daughter's belongings."
Just a warning fit for a zoo animal.
I'm not judging because my daughter isn't 4 yet. Plus I was apparently a biter back in the day as my sister likes to remind me. According to family legend, I bit her booty while we were in the bathtub. I don't remember any of this so I feel like I'm not really responsible.
However, I never bit strangers. My mother never had to consider putting a muzzle on me when we went out in public. I don't know that I could ever say to someone "Be careful, she's a biter." If I'm ever in the position to worry about Peanut biting random strangers like a rabid dog, I hope I have enough sense to not let go of her hand when we are in public.
But I'm not judging.

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