Friday, January 23, 2009

Now I know

I've often wondered what Peanut and my husband do all day together the two days she stays with him while I'm at work.

Last night I found out.

I was nursing her when she looked up at me and in her sweet little voice said, "da-da."

I was so excited for my husband since she had only made the "ma" sound so far. I called him quickly at work and this is the conversation we had:

Me: You'll never believe what your daughter just said.
Him: What?
Me: Da-da
Him (completely monotone): What do you think I do with her all day? We worked on that for an hour and half today.
Me (after a moment): Well it doesn't count because she's not saying it in context. She called me da-da.

We often have duels with our precious Peanut, trying to influence her to say "ma-ma" or "da-da" first each of us saying our respective name to her while she giggles.

So now I know he's been practicing with her on the sly and I need to step my game up. I think I'm playing at an unfair disadvantage. As I repeated "ma-ma, ma-ma, ma-ma" to her over and over again, she just keeps smiling and saying "da-da."


Two Braids said...

My Peanut hasn't really said any words yet and she is what 3 mos older than your peanut! But I love the picture. My Peanut must have thought Phillip's nose was a breast because she often tried to nurse his nose similarly to what your Peanut looks like she is trying in the above photo. So cute.

Michelle said...

As much as I would like to be able to brag that she has said her first word at 6 months, I don't think it really counts since it wasn't in context. She's just finally using the "da" sound. That is my favorite picture of them together. I have it on my desk at work and I don't think I will ever take it down.

Sam said...

It looks like Peanut is about to pounce on Luke and eat him.

Mandy said...

That picture is too cute! I love it.

Krista said...

Micah still says Da-da to everything, including me. She'll say mama, but not often. Dada and doggy are apparently the best things in her world. Mama is chopped liver.