Friday, January 2, 2009

Year of the Mom

Kristen over at Motherhood Uncensored has declared 2009 the Year of the Mom. She wants moms to take better care of themselves so here is what we plan to do this year:

  • Finally use that spa gift certificate Hillary gave me for my baby shower gift in MAY!
  • Wake my husband up more when Peanut cries in the middle of the night. He could sleep through a tornado but is willing to help out if I kick him hard enough.
  • Do the "Mommy & Me yoga" DVD more. I bought it two months ago, did it two days in a row and haven't done it since. I blame the holidays.
  • Worry less ... OK try to worry less. Fine, I will try to worry less about worrying. It is a start.
  • Write and read more and not feel guilty about it.
  • Find an outlet either through a church or volunteer program - anything that will get me doing something more than being at work and being at home.
I'll be happy if I accomplish one of these things this year.

I am going to take at least an hour a week in which I leave my home and do nothing for anyone but me. 

If I go to Target in that hour, I will come home with only cute clothes and stationery, not toilet paper and diapers. If I go to the bookstore, I will drink coffee and read in a chair and not browse in the children's section, feeling obligated to bring something home for The Boy. If I do not have a destination or goal in mind for that hour, I will take the computer or a book and go some place where I can write or read. 

But I will try to have a destination, a date. I will encourage the other mothers in my acquaintance to join me in the Year of the Mom. I will meet them for drinks on a Sunday afternoon or a quick trip to the beach. I will stop feeling like an awkward, nerdy adolescent and suggest these outings instead of waiting to be asked.  


So, mothers of the internets, raise your fist in the air, straighten your spit-up-upon shoulders and tell us your manifesto!


sarahvanbrimmer said...

Love this idea! Here are my goals:
1. Go to the spa and not feel guilty for spending obscene amounts of money pampering myself.
2. Try to work on my neuroses. I can totally relate to Michelle's worrying. As it is, I can barely sleep at night without waking every hour or so to make sure Little Man is still breathing.
3. ... I will be a copycat and second Hillary's idea of having a little grownup time.

abbyjess said...

Love your goals. I really should set a goal of less worrying, but then what would I do with all the spare time?

Of course as a social reject (not really), my fave of all the goals is the one about suggesting outings to others instead of waiting to be asked. I really should add that to my list.

Best of luck checking all these off in the new year.

transplanting me said...

i'm getting at least 3 massages a month! because it's necessary and they are way cheap in Thailand.

and good for you, hillary, encouraging other mothers to join you! brilliant!

and michelle, i think we overlook volunteering as time for ourselves so often, what a great goal.

Hillary said...

Sarah, we should schedule a shopping day or something.