Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's pink, anyway

Valentine's Day is not an important holiday for me. This is probably a good thing, given today's events. The Boy has pink-eye. And he's teething. And he's clingy. Because of the pink-eye, the husband didn't get to play basketball, I couldn't make good on a promise to babysit today (sorry!), and we had to make a Saturday trip to the doctor. In other news, I am headachy and tired of picking up my 28-pound horse of a child. I might have ruined the Cool and Easy Pie, which was my only Valentine's Day gift for the husband, all because I am too impatient to wait for a damn pie crust to cool. 

I will stop whining now. Wonder where The Boy gets the tantrum-throwing from ....

The good news is the husband doesn't really care about Valentine's Day either. And we're having chicken Parmesan for dinner tonight, in honor of our seventh Valentine's Day together. Seven years ago, we'd been dating for all of about two seconds -- seriously, our first date was Feb. 7, though we'd been friends forever -- and the husband invited me over for dinner, homemade chicken Parmesan. I was so impressed, I've been with him since. 


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