Friday, March 20, 2009


The scene -- Our house, 6:30 a.m., a running morning. Momma is in bed, listening, and The Boy just finished breakfast. He is UNHAPPY about getting dressed and letting Daddyman know.

Daddyman: Don't you want to go for a run, Boy. Aren't you excited to go for a run?
The Boy: (cries die to a whimper as he considers, end with a shuddering sigh)
Daddyman: OK! We're all ready, now Daddy just has to do one more stretch then we'll go. 
The Boy: (screaming)
Daddyman: Boy! Don't you want to come help Daddy stretch?
Daddyman: That is not helpful.


I love my husband.


k said...

Oh, the dramatics. That made me laugh.

sarahvanbrimmer said...

HYSTERICAL! I love Daddyman's straightforward, honest approach here. Did I tell you that I'm calling Kevin Daddyman now too? I love that name. Hope you don't mind that we stole it :)

Hillary said...

No problem, Sarah. I don't really remember why we started using Daddyman, but it stuck. I sometimes get called the Mommalady. You're welcome to that, too. : )