Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are you a momshell?

I was searching the Internet the other night for articles on working moms. I came across this one about momshells.

Apparently it is "the latest term used to describe a new generation of bombshell moms."

Are you kidding me?

I was appalled. Like we need another label to try to live up to.

I'm all for looking presentable. I enjoy shopping and dressing up. I have no problem wearing shoes that look good but make my feet bleed.

But do I look like a bombshell every time I walk out the door? Um, very rarely.

I got my hair chopped off after Peanut came along into what my husband deemed "a mom cut." It was necessary. My hair was falling out thanks to the hormones so I had been pulling my hair back into a ponytail topped with a headband for weeks.

My clothes are wear-and-go. If they need ironing or dry-cleaning, forget about it.

I wouldn't mind looking like a momshell everyday but I think that might require a stylist, a personal trainer and a live-in nanny. And probably a couple million dollars.

The article says that being a momshell isn't all about looks, but also a state of mind and finding a balance. I don't know about you but my state of mind after 5-6 broken hours of sleep, working fulltime and caring for a nursing almost-9-month-old who is learning to be mobile and possibly teething is more "sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep" and less "which sexy jeans should I wear out tonight?"

So, moms, how often do you feel like a momshell? What would it take for to feel like one more often?


k said...

Pfft. "Momshell." Even that phrase is annoying.

There is no momshelling going on over here. On the upside I attempt regular trips to the salon for nails and hair and realize I look like death without makeup on.

On the downside--if I find time to shave my legs even ONCE a week, then I'm doing something right.

Becky said...

Um, you see me several times a week and a "momshell" I am not. I'm 5 foot 2 and 110 lbs of the anti-momshell. I'm all for cute t shirts and great jeans but I can just as easily rock out in sweats and my hair pulled back. Being a "momshell" to me is loving and caring for my family 24/7 and that makes me happy!

Gail said...

Momshell. Yeah, that's pretty darn offensive in my book, as well.

I had no idea your hormonal changes could make your hair fall out after pregnancy. Add that to the seemingly endless list of bodily ailments I have read that pregnancy can cause... I truly am amazed at the vast range of affects pregnancy can have on your body.

The whole thing sounds so truly exhausting, it's hard for my mind to logically process why I want to go through it too in the not too distant future.

There was an interesting blog on OpenSalon today about how having kids turns your whole world inside out, and a lively reader discussion about whether it's worth all the work. Some parents mentioned how they went from pretty steady happiness while childless to feeling as though they're constantly bouncing between extreme highs and lows with the joy and stress of parenthood.

If you are interested, here is the link:

Oz said...

When I first read that word, I thought a momshell was something that lands like a grenade in the middle of a mom's world - you know, like an explosive poop at 3 am that requires full crib and baby clean-up.

All this momshell, yummy mummy, etc. stuff is just silly. Where's the equivalent word for fathers, anyway?

Hillary said...

Oh, Oz, I like your definition MUCH better.

Denise and Jansen said...

Wow, this is absurd. Yeah I agree with Oz, where are all the "hot daddies"? I don't see any of them at the grocery store with their Baby Bjorn and six-pack abs! This kind of b.s. is what scares me about entering the political world of parenthood :(

Michelle said...

Yes, Oz, I agree with your definition. And K, I'm impressed you shave once a week. I feel good if I get up to my knees every few weeks during the winter. We'll see how I do this summer.