Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boy in a box

I'm home with The Boy today and we just got back from the park. While taking advantage of snack time and checking the online world, I heard ... nothing, which any parent knows is a bad, bad sign. It wasn't that bad this time -- no oatmeal all over, Heidi -- but it was funny. 

This is what I found. 

This is The Boy in a box. 

This is The Boy trying to wrangle his feet. 

This is The Boy smiling because he finally managed to stand up in the box. 

This is The Boy doing a little dance in the box, because he can. 

This is The Boy attempting to get out of the box. I decided it was safest to help. 

This is The Boy making it out of the box. Success!


k said...

I love that he still has the little lines where wrists might someday appear. : )

Anonymous said...

I love that kid. By the way, DCF might be showing up at our house ... Heath rolled out of the bed and onto the floor this morning. About gave me a heart attack. He was OK, thank GOD. --E

Tschanen said...

He looks so relaxed in that first picture...just kickin' back. So cute!

Hillary said...

K -- We have discovered ankles finally. We're hoping wrists will show up eventually.

E -- so glad Heath's OK. The Boy did the same thing ... several times. Actually, just yesterday, he was napping on the couch, rolled off and smacked his head on our coffee table. Sigh.