Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eat the box*

My husband found this -- the worst kids' lunches according to dietitians at The Cancer Project. The entire list is Lunchables or Lunchables-type stuff. Oscar Mayer does not come out shining. The dietitians say these easy-peasy kids lunches are high in cholesterol, salt, saturated fat and could be linked to cancer. 

The Boy tends to have leftovers or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, with fruit and yogurt. I do it because it's easy; it's what the husband and I eat. But when I'm dropping off beans and rice in the daycare fridge, where frozen meals await the rest of the kiddos, I wonder if I'm setting up The Boy to be the weird kid with the smelly food at the lunch table. Other days, when he's had peanut butter and jelly for a week straight while the other kids munched on frozen veggies, I wonder if I'm stunting his growth. 

At least I'm not giving him more than a day's worth of sodium in one meal of cheese and crackers, huh? 

I'm curious though -- what do your kiddos do for lunches or other meals away from home? 


*The best quote in that lunches round-up: "The only way to get significant fiber from these products would be to eat the box."


Gerbicks said...

i think my girls might actually enjoy eating the box...i give them the gerber toddler "lunchables" only when we have nothing else b/c yea, they do have so much salt & cholesterol! adeline either gets a pb&j, toasted cheese, hot dog, or (healthy version, baked/whole wheat/chicken breast) chicken nuggets. then a fruit for sure, a piece of 'real' cheddar cheese or yogurt, & if i'm feeling spunky, frozen veggies warmed up. if you can't tell, lunch is her biggest meal of the day!
amelia usually eats cheese, warmed up frozen veggies, & maybe minuscule pieces of a nugget or deli meat.
wes & i eat leftovers usually...lol, can you tell i easily talk about food???

i like to hear what others eat for lunch, esp the kids. sometimes i feel like addy just gets a repeat everyday, but i guess at least it's not necessarily encouraging bad eating habits??

k said...

This is right up my alley. I just posted a request for menu ideas on a local mother's message board because I'm kind of tapped out.

One thing that helps is that I'm trying to use two guidelines for his weekday dinners and weekend meals (all others are at daycare):

1) I make one meal. E eats what we're having.

2) If that meal is going to be too late or beyond what he can master (he only has two teeth), than I make sure he gets a fruit, a veggie and a protein at each meal.

Beyond that I'm struggling. Although, I am holding firm on no fruit juice and no "terribly" processed foods. (American cheese, okay. Lunchables, Satan's handiwork.)

desperate housewife said...

My kids eat cheese (usually co jack or provolone) and whole wheat crackers a LOT. Also, Eli loves dairy products and will eat an adult sized container of yogurt w/ either lunch or breakfast. Eli loves eggs, fried or scrambled, so I make those every couple of days. Adelay's beginning to like them too, though it's taken her a LONG time of watching Eli eat them before she'd even try. Annie's Mac and Cheese is always popular, but they also really love fish sticks and tater tots, which... Not so nutritious. I try to limit those to once a week, when I'm really desperate for something I KNOW they'll eat. They'll both eat strawberries, pears, grapes, and apples, and Eli will also eat bananas, so they get those a lot. Both love applesauce. They'll both eat peas or corn, and MAYBE green beans, and Addy likes carrot sticks. Neither one will touch beef, which is frustrating, and they don't really like chicken (even nuggets!) very well. They'll sometimes eat pizza, if we get it on the weekends, but they're not too crazy about it. Ditto pasta.
Basically, they'd both prefer to just eat cheese for every meal, with a chaser of applesauce. And a lot of times, I let them.

Two Braids said...

No worries. My daughter will sit with your son at the table and they can eat their weird food together. Daughter eats rice, asparagus, carrots, broccoli, tofu, yogurt with fruit and wheat germ...all healthy all organic and full of whole grains!