Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why didn't I get him bunny ears?

I hope The Easter Bunny was good to everyone. The Boy met an Easter Bunny at a minor league baseball game Saturday evening, but he must have sensed the bunny wasn't the real deal because he preferred to keep his distance. 

Between sickness and the holiday, we've had lots of family time this weekend, which was lovely. It also underscored something I've been saying since The Boy was wee: 
The Boy is his father's child. 

The husband and I met in college and were friends for quite awhile before we started dating. You always could gauge how drunk he was by his hat. As the beer went in, his hat rode higher on his head. When the hat was topped off with something -- a beer box, a lampshade, a Wisconsin Cheesehead, a Garth wig, an afro wig or any combination thereof -- you knew he was done for the evening. 

Here's The Boy Saturday: 
That ring around his neck started out on his head. I'm pretty sure it's the stand for my exercise ball. That bowl in the background was on his head just before this picture was taken. Those are his daddy's basketball shoes. 

Here's The Boy today: 
That's his daddy's hat and a 5K medal. He wears the medal almost constantly around his house, sometimes like that, but often across his body like a sash and occasionally like a belt. In this picture, he's saying, "Bye!" as in, "I've got my hat on. Let's go!" We went outside and blew bubbles. 

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