Monday, May 18, 2009

10 months old

Peanut is 10 months old today.

I crept into her room this morning before I left just as the sun was showing a hint of lightness in the sky. The house was peaceful. The only things I could hear were the birds beginning their morning songs and the soft breathing of my not-so-little baby.

There my little darling child was curled up on her tummy, arms and knees tucked underneath her forcing her little bum high in the air - my favorite of her sleeping positions. I looked at her and marveled at how big she is getting. She's eating table foods regularly despite the lack of teeth. She thinks she can walk even though she can't. She babbles constantly, testing out her voice and the limits of its decibel levels. And the laughter - oh, it's enough to make us want to do nothing but tickle her.

Just as I was about to creep back out of her room to head to work, my sweet, darling, lovely little girl tooted. I suppressed a giggle and then she did it again. I had to rush out of the room afraid my laughter would wake her from her not quite peaceful sleep.

That's my girl and here is her picture:

And this is what happened before that:


k said...

Ha! Those last photos crack me up. I always end up with about 24 of those and 2 good ones.

Hillary said...

She looks like she is trying to escape the duck.

And, OMG, she is huge. A little girl!

Michelle said...

Hillary, I don't think it was the duck she was trying to escape but more the possibility that she might have to sit still for 2.2 seconds, as evident from the out take pics. Yes, K, I have the same issue. It used to be easier to take these photos and about month 8 she started moving too much for me to get something decent.