Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things I didn't know about motherhood

Since this is my first, official Mother's Day coming up, I started thinking about things I didn't know about motherhood until I was in the thick of it.

So here's my list:

I would function on 5-6 hours of broken sleep with minimal caffeine to aid my productivity at work.

I would cry when my daughter kissed me and her doll.

I would cry when my daughter mimed patty cake with her doll's foot and hand.

I would cry at just about everything (OK, maybe I did figure that might happen since I did that even before I was pregnant).

I would be completely organized and still forget something every time we left the house.

I would lose my very sensitive gag reflex and be immune to spit up.

I would wish my child would go to sleep after a very long day and then have an intense urge to wake her up minutes after she drifted off.

I would spend hours looking through books and the Internet obsessing over every milestone not met yet.

I would rather buy clothes and shoes for someone else.

I would feel completely helpless and out of control most days and yet everyone still make it through the day unscathed.

I would be sick for 7 months of the pregnancy and be willing to go through it again to get something so wonderful.

I would have an even better relationship with my husband, who is an amazing father.

I would love someone this much.

What would be on your list?


Janelle said...

Motherhood is amazing isn't it. Happy 1st Mothers Day! :)

k said...

I didn't know that the horror of getting up at 6:00am every single morning could be erased by simply seeing E's smiling face.

I didn't know that I could so much done (laundry, vacuuming, lunches, dressed, etc.) before leaving the house at 8:15am.

I didn't know that I would miss my pre-baby free time so much.

sarahvanbrimmer said...

Ditto on K and Janelle's list.

I really had no idea that I could possibly worry more than I did pre-baby.

I didn't know that I would actually *study* baby poop obsessively.

I didn't know how deliriously happy I would be even with a few hours of sleep or a cranky baby.