Thursday, May 28, 2009

Third time is a charm

I don't have anything as exciting to write as Hillary's news yesterday (did you hear? She's pregnant!) so you'll just have to read about my fickle, fickle child.

We've been working with Peanut on the sippy cup for a few months now. We started off with one that had the double handles and a softer sippy. Instead of actually drinking, she just banged the cup up and down on her high chair tray or chewed on the handles.
Result: Fail.

I had a couple friends tell me to try the Take & Toss. Those worked. Kind of. She never really drank much, contributing to my paranoia with her liquid intake. Peanut started to drink more, especially if we were the ones holding it for her, but still not as much as she really needed.
Result: Mixed but not great.

Then she got her little chubby hands on our sitter's son's cup and before she knew it, Peanut had downed most of the contents. While I felt bad that she swiped someone's juice, it was good to know that we finally found a winner. I ran straight to Target and bought two cups and she loves them. I don't think she has to suck too hard on them, but they don't spill and she's not distracted by the handles.
Result: Success.

Anyone else have such a picky child?


Hillary said...

The Boy has always been a big fan of the Take & Toss cups. He hated the ones with handles, and I refused to get one of the soft-spout cups. They seem too much like bottles to me.

Tanda32506 said...

We're a playtex house too, they work better and leak less than any other brand we tried. Now if I could just find replacement valves....

sharyn said...

kaelyn uses the take and toss ones, too, though she gets really excited when you take off the lid and let her drink like that. that being said, she always drinks and eats more for her daddy at night than she does for me during the day. and i totally get the "fluid paranoia." It took us a long time to recover from that; not sure we're really over it. Especially because Kaelyn really only takes two bottles plus some out of the sippy cup per day ;)

Lisa said...

Luke uses the Take and Toss ones, too, but I had to make the holes bigger because they seemed to have really low flow. (Have you tried to "sip" yourself? I did--it was a lot of work!) He refused ones with handles, too. We have a bunch of unused sippy cups in the cabinet.

k said...

We use a couple of different ones because I was worried that E would get stuck in a rut at home and then not be able to work the ones at daycare.