Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fits of irrationality

I think Hillary might stop answering my messages. I wouldn’t blame her. I’m feeling particularly crazy this week and she’s had to talk me off the ledge three times.

Irrational moment No. 1 - We are on the hunt for a forward-facing car seat. Peanut still fits nicely in the infant seat but I’m sure she is 20 lbs. now and with her 1st birthday approaching, it would be nice to have her facing front. I feel guilty looking for a car seat that doesn’t cost $300-$400. Why wouldn’t we splurge on something that could potential save our daughter’s life? On the other hand, we could get something that would meet the same exact safety standards for $200 or less.

Hillary told me that spending money doesn’t equal good parenting and that we would just be paying for the brand.

Irrational moment No. 2 - Last week, Peanut wasn’t sleeping well. She got up twice a the night to feed and one day took a 30 minute nap at the sitters. I just figured it was a phase. Then yesterday she slept three hours at the sitter, took a 45 minute nap at home and slept from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. waking up only once when she lost her paci. She didn’t even wake to eat, a first in 8-9 months.

Was I happy? No. I thought about calling the doctor because something must be wrong. Hillary told me to relax. She’s probably just going through a developmental spurt and even if she has a virus, she’s fine.

Irrational moment No. 3 – The husband called to tell me that Peanut walked all the way across our kitchen without hanging on to anything. This is the longest she’s gone. I’ve been there for the three and four steps before a fall but nothing like this. I felt guilty because I was at work and missed it just like I missed her crawling for the first time.

Hillary told me I’ve seen her walk before, I didn’t miss her first steps and that I will see her walk the next farthest.

So thanks, Hillary, for listening to my craziness. I promise to put my game face on soon and act like I know what I’m doing. I'm blaming hormones as I wean my little Peanut. Either that or I am going crazy.

Anyone else have crazy days?


Hillary said...

It was just your turn this week ...

Maggie said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Will come back again. Thanks for sharing!