Monday, June 15, 2009


The Boy has had two weeks with his grandparents. My in-laws arrived at our house June 3 and leave tomorrow. During that time, The Boy was without us, his parents, for five days. His school schedule was shortened and meal times often came late. He ate out at I don't know how many different restaurants. The little boy who likes to play alone in his room for little stretches of time has had near constant attention from at least two adults.

He has had a great time. He loves Granny Annie and Grandpa.

However, I think we all need life to get back to normal -- The Boy most of all. He's had a short fuse the last three days, throwing fits at restaurants, whining instead of asking and generally being difficult. I think he's just worn out. One night after bath, as everybody was watching him run around and laughing and calling out for him to do this! do that!, The Boy grabbed my hand, dragged me into his room and shut the door. We played ball and Momma Monster, but when Granny came to the door, the action stopped. When she left, he shut the door again and demanded, "Read!" After his book, he wanted to go to bed. I almost had to drag him into our living room to give hugs to everyone.

The Boy is going to miss his grandparents. He likes waking them up in the mornings and having Grandpa tickle him. He likes dodging Granny's snapping camera.

But I think he's also going to like having his momma and daddyman to himself again, even if we're telling him "NO!" and there's no Granny to intervene. Limits are good.

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