Thursday, June 11, 2009

Panic at the doctor's

I went to the OB today for my pregnancy intake, which is really just the appointment where they determine how I'm going to pay them and ask me what my mother's grandma's sister's hair color was and how many times I threatened the husband's life during my first labor and delivery. Exciting stuff. 

To start the appointment, I peed in a cup, something I've lost the knack of since The Boy was born. Then the Chatty Cathy nurse took my blood pressure and ordered me up on the scale. She dropped the weight at the 100 mark and started flicking the top marker. 

Flick. Flick. FLICK. FLICK!

My heart stopped as the scale wavered. The marker showed I'd gained nearly 25 pounds. TWENTY-FIVE pounds. In 11 weeks. 

"That canNOT be right," I said. 

"That's --"

"NO! That's not right."

"Well, wait, a second. Here's the problem." Chatty Cathy moved the bottom weight just a bit to the left. "See, it was set on kilograms. Here. Is that better?"

Yes, yes it was. My heart started beating again. I actually have gained about three pounds. That is acceptable. 


k said...

Can you EVEN imagine gaining 25 pounds in 11 weeks? Holy snap. That would be like eating a ginormous turkey dinner every day!

Kate said...

My 24 week appointment is next week and I'm pretty sure I might have the same experience...minus the kilograms mistake.

Linette Trabulsy said...

Too funny! I love this blog. More so since these days are way gone for me:)

Amy Hudson said...

This was hilarious. I would have had a panic attack right there.