Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random, possibly incoherent thoughts

Peanut took four steps in a row tonight. FOUR! And I got to see it. It eases some of the guilt for missing her crawling for the first time. She let go of the table and stepped right into my arms. Swoon.

Still no sign of teeth. Can you tell I'm obsessed with this?


I bought Peanut's first brush this week. Her hair is really starting to grow in, although I fear it is growing in the form of a mullet. You've seen those little girls with the mullets because their moms don't want to cut their hair. I won't be that mom if I can help it. We will have it shaped up if necessary.


The family is on baby watch 2009. My sister is due with her second child at the beginning of July but no one, including her doctor, thinks she will hang in there that long. We live the closest of the relatives so we are prepared to drop whatever we are doing to hang with soon-to-be proud big brother while mommy and daddy rush off to the hospital. No first name has been picked but her middle name will be Michelle. I am honored beyond words.


I got a response back from Mrs. Chicken about a comment I left on her blog. She's one intelligent momma. If you get a chance, check her out. She encouraged people to leave a funny story for the chance at a Starbuck's gift certificate.

Here's my story:
There are two specks of poo on the ceiling of my bedroom. I don't know exactly how they got there since I wasn't there when it happened. The husband claims there was an explosive diaper and when he took it off, some poo ended up on the ceiling, the curtains, socks and the floor. That was months ago. The poo was cleaned up everywhere but the ceiling.

Mrs. Chicken wrote to tell me that she had never heard of poo on the ceiling. Ever.

My husband is impressive like that.

This last random thought does have a point. Hillary and I want to start sharing your funny stories on Fridays. Shoot your story at notraisingbrats (at) With your permission, we will post.

Everyone needs a good laugh on Fridays.

And now I'm off, to clean the poo off the ceiling lest you think less of me.


k said...

Am laughing in picturing your husband taking of the diaper and just having it literally shoot everywhere. HORROR!

Off to mull over a funny story for Friday...

Andrea said...

Because your writing is awesome!

I nominate you for a sisterhood award!

Sisterhood Award