Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scar kid for life? Check.

I am a planner. The husband is a planner. We make lists. It's what we do. We make grocery lists and dinner lists and chore lists and work to-do lists, and usually we stay on top of them. They keep things running relatively smoothly.

But we went into this week list-less. The combination of a return from vacation and the last few days of the grandparents' stay -- not to mention the fact that I worked last Saturday -- meant we didn't make a grocery list or a menu over the weekend. This might not mean much to you, however, to me, it is NOT GOOD. Not catastrophic, perhaps -- I do have some perspective -- but not a good foundation for a pleasant week. It means I'm winging both lunches and dinners on whatever random things the husband grabbed off the grocery store shelves or the basics that sit in our cupboards. Meanwhile, work is similarly disorganized, as I'm out of the weekly feature I'm responsible for and also need to get started on new projects now that several old ones are finished.

Did I mention I'm pregnant? And a touch hormonal? And dealing with the last bits of first trimester exhaustion? And rocking the more-than-bloated but not-yet-really-pregnant body ? Yeah. NOT GOOD.

All this is a long-winded excuse for some stellar parenting moments over the last week.

In a minor infraction, I dropped the F-bomb in front of The Boy one morning because I couldn't get my earrings to go in properly. I might have dropped a few frustrated tears into the kiddo's PB&J that morning, too. I have yelled at The Boy to "get yourself together," when I probably should have been yelling at myself. And in a major infraction this morning, I whacked The Boy in the face with the car door. In a rush, I thought he was far enough away for it to open; I was wrong. It didn't hit him hard. It didn't bruise. But he was shocked and just kept crying and crying and crying, so to make him -- and myself -- feel better, I gave him the last bit of my toast. Nothing like teaching your kid to eat when he's sad.

Needless to say, I've already started next week's dinner and grocery lists. To-do lists cover my desk at work. Small things, but so essential to our survival.

What keeps your life running smoothly?


Lucas said...

That's one of the funniest blog posts I've ever read. My wife is hormonal and she's not pregnant. Lol!

Michelle said...

Isn't Lucas charming? I think we all need organization to keep it together. There is so little to control with children so we need to keep everything else together. I know I've been letting my planning slip lately and I get flustered as well.
Hang in there. The Boy will only drop the F-bomb a few times :)

k said...

I, too, have sadly dropped an f-bomb or two in the presence of E. At least it wasn't his first word!

I am highly dependant on a calendar that travels with me everywhere. It has every work, personal, family thing written on it so that I know where I'm supposed to be/when. Without it, I would surely perish (or be found sitting on my couch).

Hillary said...

Oh yes, K, I LURVE my calendar. It was blank this week, which might be part of my problem. When the days are full, I find things go better. It might also have something to do with the fact that blank pages rarely are ACTUALLY blank. Usually, blank pages just mean I've forgotten something.

Wesley, Shauna, Brady, and Carly said...

Lists are everything! I make out meal lists before making my grocery lists. I even attempted to do a months worth of grocery shopping in one trip, meaning I needed a month's worth of meals planned...crazy! Your child will be fine hearing swear long as the "F-bomb" isn't directed AT them (unlike my neighbor's approach, which we can usually hear while playing outside!). You just have to teach him those words are "mommy and daddy" words :)And then of course actually still be careful not to use them, which is not always easy when driving amongst idiots or after a bad day at work! Good luck and congratulations on the pregnancy!

desperate housewife said...

I actually need flexibility to keep me sane. I have a few schedules I adhere to, but generally I love being at home with the kids because I can change things up every day. I definitely don't plan meals a month in advance! More often than not, I don't plan them much at all- I make sure I grab several different kinds of meat at the market for at least three entrees, make sure we have rice, noodles, and potatoes, and make sure to get some fresh veggies. There! Meals. It's not terribly efficient, honestly, but I just hate planning out what I'm going to eat without knowing if I'll be in the MOOD to eat that thing.
Oh and also? Working out keeps me sane. For sure. If I haven't gone to the Y in a few days, I can feel it, big time.