Monday, June 1, 2009

Soothing the itch

My belly has started itching, that maddening, it's-never-going-to-stop-being-itchy, pregnancy itch. I'd forgotten the itchy pregnancy belly, however, I was pleased my old solution worked. What expensive, fancy-pants pregnancy balm am I using, you ask? Plain old Olay Complete, sensitive skin variety. 

With The Boy, I used Belly Balm for a while trying to prevent stretch marks and sooth the itchiness. It worked, sort of. But I always felt a bit like I was basting a turkey, my belly was so greasy afterward. Then, I developed some sort of allergic reaction to the belly butter stuff and broke out in hives, making the itching unbearable. That's when, in desperation, I squirted half a bottle of face lotion on my belly -- instant relief. It's still a little pricey, compared to regular body lotions, but it feels good and I didn't get stretch marks. Not saying it's because of the lotion, but I don't think it hurt. 

It got me to thinking about other little, unexpected things that got me through pregnancy the first time: 

-- My exercise ball: Stretched my belly, took the pressure off loosening hips, got me through early labor and now doubles as a toy for a kiddo. Best investment ever. 
-- The belly band: I think I loved it more than most mommas-to-be. I wore mine right up to The Boy's birth. Going to work with my pants undone seemed normal by the end. 
-- A basket under my desk at work. I used it as a footstool when I could no longer perch on my legs like a little kid. (Or, as my sister would say, like a bird)

What little things made your pregnant life better? 


Michelle said...

The individual packets of Propel powder drink kept me from feeling like I was going to be sick every minute of the day. The doctor told me to try then when I had severe morning sickness on top of the prescription that took the edge off. It was great. I don't know if it was a placebo effect or what but it made me feel better. I went through multiple boxes of those things a week.

Lisa said...

This thing: Speaking of which, you are welcome to borrow mine if you'd like...along with my ridiculously large quantity of maternity clothes, if you need a little variety in the next 30 or so weeks of your life...oh wait, make that a little longer...dang postpartum body recovery time...

desperate housewife said...

Watermelon! I was pregnant all through the summer with both my kids and craved watermelon like crazy. It's very hydrating and has lots of fiber, so I think it's a pretty good choice when you're pregnant, but even if it hadn't been, I couldn't have resisted it. I ate it about every day.

k said... I couldn't live without oranges or chocolate milk.

I swore by the Burt's Bees Belly Balm stuff. It didn't smell all that hot, but it was thick and took away the itching. And I didn't end up with stretch marks (at least not there. Sigh.).