Monday, July 27, 2009

Blame pregnancy brain

I don't have coherent thoughts right now, but I do have lots of things floating around. It might be pregnancy brain. It also might just be the fact I'm working on three big projects at work. Either way, it means bullets here.
  • On the to-do list this weekend: Buying a big boy bed and a potty for The Boy. He's not ready to be potty-trained, really, and I am not getting my hopes up that it'll happen before Baby2 arrives. But The Boy is intrigued by the potty and has announced several times, "Pee!" Nothing happens when we take him to the toilet, however, we figure it can't hurt to get a kid-sized potty to be ready. (Incidentally, with boys, do you stand them up to pee or sit them down to learn how? I thought sitting might be easier, but the husband wants him to stand.) As for the big boy bed, we decided not to buy a second crib and I want to have The Boy switched over to the new bed well before Baby2 arrives, both so he doesn't feel kicked out and also so he's, in theory, adjusted and sleeping OK.
  • How foolish are we to have booked a plane flight without buying a second ticket for the 18-month-old, 30-pound Boy? I'm wondering if we're going to regret this tightwaddery. We have two weeks til we leave and I'm already making packing lists. My sister will be so proud.
  • Baby2's movements are strong enough to be felt most days now. I'd forgotten how fluttery and fleeting these early movements are. My memories of the pokes and jabs and elbow throws of the last months are crystal clear. I'll be feeling those again soon enough, I'm sure.
  • I haven't bought any maternity clothes yet. Mostly, I'm still wearing my regular clothes thanks to the belly band and the fact that I really should have bought new clothes after I lost the pregnancy weight from The Boy. Some of my pants must have looked ridiculously big. Yes, Mom, you were right. I might add clothes shopping for me to this weekend's to-do list. Anyone on the Treasure Coast want to go with me?
  • The Boy has taken to grabbing at us fiercely, sometimes pinching, and clenching his little teeth together, as if he's saying, "OH! I'M GOING TO GET YOU!" Although we're putting a stop to the pinching, usually The Boy is doing this in a playful sort of way. When I told Michelle this, her first reaction was, "So, does he get that from you?" According to my mother, he does.


Sarah said...

I would definitely be in for a clothes shopping trip. I will be browsing, because a certain someone has put me on financial restrictions. I watched a show on potty training (ridiculous, I know) but they said that boys should start sitting and I can give you the run down on supposed stress-free potty training.

Emily said...

I will say that you might want to reconsider taking him as a "lap baby" on the flight. I flew from Columbus to Baltimore (short, short flight) when my daughter was 9 months old. I was a nercous wreck the whole time because I thought she would start screaming and squirming all over the place! She was really good, but I think I would have been more relaxed if she was in her carseat. I was by myself, though, so it might be different if you can tag-team him!

desperate housewife said...

I've always heard boys should start out sitting down. Just getting to the potty in time is hard enough to learn without adding AIM into the equation. Once they have the potty trained part down, then you transition to standing. Or so I've been told repeatedly by many parents of boys when I asked the same question!