Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Early memories of a small Peanut

Hey did you know that my daughter turns a year old this week? No? Hmmm. We should do something about that.

In continuing with my theme of celebrating all things Peanut, here are some of my favorite memories from the first couple weeks:

- Listening to her squeaking cry. After she wailed, she would take a deep breath and she sounded like a squeaky toy. The first time the husband and I heard it in the hospital, we both stopped what we were doing and started cracking up.

- Hearing my husband sing to her. He sang "You are my sunshine" and then the Ohio State fight song over and over again that first week trying to get her to sleep. I remember being in bed, listening to him and crying because "You are my sunshine" was my grandparents' song. Then, I would giggle upon hearing him launch into the fight song.

- Seeing all of the hair all over her. Seriously, my child was hairy. A co-worker joked that if she was born on the full moon she would be hairy. Guess what. My water broke on the full moon. She was so hairy, I called her my hairy-back Mary for weeks.

- Dealing with her projectile vomit. OK, so it was not so funny at the time, and a bit concerning, but looking back, I wish someone could have recorded us. One time, I went running out to the back yard covered in vomit, holding a crying baby, trying to flag my husband down while he mowed. Another time, she threw up right in the face of my poor teenage brother-in-law. I don't think he ever quite processed what was all over him.

- Asking my husband if he could tell that I had wash cloths in my bra. Let's just say that I couldn't go anywhere without fear of leaking all over the place unless I got home within an hour. When I went to the grocery store for the first time, I feared I would be soaked with breast milk before I hit the dairy section. I stuffed wash cloths in my bra and asked Lucas to assess the obviousness. It was quite obvious but I think I went out with them anyway.

- Seeing this for the first time:

I snapped this moments after we were all home together for the first time. It is my favorite picture yet because there is my daughter with my gorgeous husband. Nothing looks better on a man than a baby for whom he cares and loves.

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Mandy said...

Awww! That picture is priceless!

I'm really appreciating your trip down memory lane as I prepare to go through all this for the first time. Even though your birth story was kind of scary, I was glad to read it, and to know it all turned out OK.