Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New kind of birth control

You want to know the best birth control? A screaming child trapped in a two-hour car trip.

Seriously. They should just make middle school and high school students sit helplessly in a car while a child screams with no indication of what could possibly be wrong. None of this carrying an egg or bag of flour around. Noise must be made to truly appreciate it.

The husband decided that we needed to make more family traditions so he suggested that we go pick blueberries near his mother's house two hours away. I agreed. It was a thoughtful idea.

We tried to time it during nap time. (Does this sound familiar? Anyone else still recovering from the day at the zoo?) But Peanut decided she had other plans that did not include being strapped in a car seat for two hours. I even sat in the back seat and tried reading to her.

She was not having it. It started off as just fussiness for the first hour. The second, however, was a full-out, red-in-the-face screech session. The husband told me I should let her cry out. Instead, I started crying. I know, I know. It is just such a helpless feeling. She was beside herself and it didn't seem like there was an end in site. For anyone. At one point, my husband mumbled something about jumping out of the moving vehicle.

The tension finally broke for the husband and I when I read her a book that said "My face. Should I make a happy or sad face?" Both of us started laughing despite Peanut's protest.

Once we were out of the car, she was fine. We have no idea what the problem was except that she didn't want to be in the car and she was determined that we shouldn't want to be in there either.

And, incidentally, it might have helped my baby fever a bit. Remember this? It's gotten worse. Three people I know had babies this weekend. And Hillary finding out she is having The Lad? Oy, people.

But after that car ride, I think I might be good for a month. Or a year.


Oz said...

Oh, yes. I had the same thoughts about ear infections. Stick sexually active kids with a one year old with an ear infection for a night, and they'll go running for condoms.

Gerbicks said...

yes, i do stalk your blog posts as well. *smile*
but my husband & i apparently can't have kids who enjoy their car seat (well, #2 started falling asleep in the car at times, around 9 months of age) & it seems to be one of the worst parenting experiences of all. i drove our #1 on 71 for 2 hours with her screaming the ENTIRE way. that was the first time i screamed at her (yes, oh my, she was only 8 months old). parents can only take so much... remembering it is wonderful birth control. i tell all my non-parents friends about these stories, lol.

Sarah said...

LOL. I need to take Peanut for a car ride then, because I have another terrible bout of baby fever. It's driving the husband crazy!

k said...

What IS IT about the carseat that gives little ones the complete rage? They're sitting on a freakin' thrown by far more comfortable than my own seat and yet?--the tears and the red face and the utter anger of it all.