Sunday, August 16, 2009

She'd rather carry a towel

A list of things I don't understand about my daughter:
  • How she knows the exact moment I drift off to sleep and picks that time to cry out once, waking me up. This happen three to four times a week. She doesn't need anything but cries enough to startle me.
  • How she knows when we give her the fake remote control. She doesn't want the realistic one minus batteries. Just the one that will change the channel in the middle of my Lifetime movie ... I mean CNN.
  • How one day she will gobble something up and then next day act like I'm feeding her poison.
  • How she is able to eat almost anything with three budding teeth.
  • How she wants nothing to do with the soft pink blanket her grandma got her but instead would rather carry around a dish towel or a sock.
  • How she would rather walk around pausing to pick up food off the highchair tray sitting on the floor then just sit in her highchair and eat.
What does you child do that you don't understand?


Hillary said...

The Boy gets up in the morning going, "EAT! EAT! EAT!" He eats a banana or whatever other fruit we give him. He demands a waffle or cereal. He ignores said waffle or cereal. Why?

k said...

I don't understand why E must do Feats of Strength with anything on his tray. Goldfish crackers? Crushed. Watermelon? Decimated. Blueberries? Just really messy.

Two Braids said...

I just read the comment by "k" my daughter smooshes everything too! breaded tofu bites, smoosh. Goldfish, smoosh. cheese, smoosh.

I also don't understand why she has to shove all her food in her mouth to the point where she can not chew and spits it out but manages to feed the dog one piece of kibble at a time?