Monday, October 5, 2009

Do what you got to do

I'm pulling a fast one on Peanut.

She has no idea that she's eating those dreaded vegetables for dinner every night. With gusto even.

Peanut will only eat lima beans (I know, you pick one vegetable, kid, and it's lima beans? Really?). Everything else, she primly moves to the edge of her tray and commences gobbling down the rest of her meal. I can't even give her carrot sticks to munch on since she still has a total of five teeth, all of them in the front.

Worried that she wasn't getting a balanced diet, I tried some tricks. First, I finely chopped up steamed squash, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots and put them in her spaghetti. She loved it.

The next night, I pureed peas and green beans and put them in taco meat. I didn't tell the husband what I did until after the meal. He was impressed.

Then Friday I made pizza, pureed zucchini and put it in the tomato sauce. No one knew and everyone ate heartily.

I know eventually she will need to learn to eat her vegetables but by then I will be able to bribe her (Kidding. Kind of.) Until then, I'm looking for anything I can puree and cover up, just so she gets something.


Two Braids said...

Soph used to eat veggies like crazy! Steamed kale, asparagus, brocoli, carrots, you name it... now she avoids veggies like the plague. Mixing them in is our method two. I love your suggestions and think I'll follow suit.

Michelle said...

In full disclosure, I should probably say that I do have Jerry Seinfield's wife's cook book, of which the premise is hiding good for you things in foods that kids will eat. Unfortunately I haven't had time to look through it so I've been improvising. Someday I'll sit down and actually read some recipes.

Bev said...

My little man eats any veggie.... loves peas, green beans, and lima beans especially. We just better everything and then if we think it nees a little something, put some garlic salt on it. Our Day Care provider hooked us onto that... Definitely easier because my guy likes his veggies...

Gerbicks said...

when she begins to understand bribery: it works! our first loved all food until age 2 1/2. now we bribe her with dessert (a cookie usually). we have no feelings of guilt from the bribes...whatever works, eh?!

k said...

This has me motivated to get crack a lackin' on making some purees on the weekend to whip into Little Man's food during the week.

In the meantime, what we have discovered is that green beans or peas mixed into any lasagne, spagetti or mashed potatos goes unnoticed all wholly consumed.

Ahhh, trickery.