Monday, November 23, 2009

Babies to boys

The Boy began the transition to the 2-year-old room this morning. That class spends the first part of the day outside, so I left him on the playground with a quick hug and kiss then stashed his lunch and school blanky in a new cubby. My car was parked across the street from the playground, and I sat for a minute and watched him. He looked a bit lost at first, but lit up when an older boy whizzed by, his legs just blurs, on a tricycle. The Boy chased after the boy, running into V, another 2-year-old newbie from his old class, on the way. Together, The Boy and V ran giggling to the swings, which are right next to the streetside fence. The Boy spotted my car and me in it and flapped his chubby arm wildly. I could see his mouth moving; I imagine he was saying, "Hi Momma! Bye Momma!"

I drove away teary. I could blame pregnancy hormones for being so sappy. But really, it was more the realization that my little baby is a little boy. It doesn't seem so long ago he was like The Lad, throwing elbows in utero and annoying me with hiccups, and now he's chasing and being chased across a playground.

The Lad will be here in just a little more than a month. I spent tonight unrolling a diaper cake from the shower our friends were kind enough to throw us this weekend. It's hard to believe, looking at The Boy, that those tiny diapers won't be too small. And yet, with The Boy changing in front of me every day, I know just how fast The Lad is going to go from that wee little thing I can't imagine to the sturdy little fellow I can't wait to get to know.

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Gerbicks said...

not pregnant (thankfully!) here, but still get teary-eyed seeing adeline run out of preschool, saying bye bye to her friends & classmates. no longer a baby, for sure.