Friday, November 13, 2009

Something that does NOT make me cranky

"Morning, Momma! Hi! Morning!"

The Boy is full of exclamation points in the morning. Sometimes, times that do not start with a four or a five, this is a charming trait. Waking up to see his chubby-limbed silhouette walking across the house in the early morning light is lovely. Waking up to see his chubby-cheeked face chirping salutations at me in the predawn darkness is not.

One morning at 4:39, as The Boy began crying less than a foot from my ear because Daddyman was about to take him back to bed, I snapped, "Show him the clock." The Boy can recognize numbers up to 10 and has a digital clock in his room. We showed him that the time started with 4 and told him he needed to go back to bed until the time started with 5 or, god-willing, 6. The Boy stopped crying instantly. He went back to bed. He slept til 5. Another morning, after a refresher lesson with the same trick, he slept til 6:30.

I can't take full credit for this parenting trick. I saw it somewhere, I think on ParentHacks, and just happened to remember it in my groggy, frustration. But, since every parent could use a little more sleep, I thought I'd share. (That link is to the closest approximation of the trick I could find with a quick search. I might try that one, too.)

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Michelle said...

I've also seen little clocks that show a moon or a sun depending on the time. You tell them if the moon is showing, they need to stay in bed. If the sun is showing, they can get up. But since your child is so bright, he can just tell by the numbers :)