Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cookie day

So, we had Cookie Day.

This is The Boy helping me before his buddies and my friends arrived.
(Isn't my apron cute? An early Christmas gift from the husband.)

I wanted to have some cutouts on hand for immediate icing, though it really was not necessary. The boys spent most of the time playing while the moms decorated cookies. The kiddos did enjoy glopping sprinkles on. I don't have pictures of those cookies. They all went home with the other bakers.

My advice if you're hosting your own cookie day with toddlers/small children:
  1. Bake ahead. I had three kinds of cookies done and boxed before people came, and the cut-out cookie dough made and chilled. I might not do as many ahead next time or as the kids get older, but it allowed me to send my friends home with a good amount of cookies and still get the kiddos to naps before things got unruly.
  2. Stick with premade or buttercream icing. I was going to try royal icing with the kids, decided against it and am glad I did. That stuff dries too quickly for toddlers' attention spans. And anyway, they just really love the sprinkles.
  3. Put out some butter. I totally forgot and we had to microwave butter to get it to "room temperature," and that just adds a step and dirties a dish.
  4. Have the dads around. The husband and one of the other dads ended up being at the house while we were baking, and that was great. When the kiddos got tired of cookies, the dads kept them entertained and the moms got a little time to ourselves.


Sarah said...

That looks so fun! I just did some more baking yesterday too, though not with the kids, since mine are both sick and grumpy!
Love that belly shot. And HOW do you have a huge tummy and no pregnant face AT ALL? Not fair. I swear I carry about half my baby weight in my jowls.
Also, I finally found the specific cleaning items I was looking for at the FOURTH store I tried, so I will be sending your stuff Monday!

Sarah said...

Love the apron! Where did the husband get it? I swear there is, like, a critical shortage of cute aprons. Don't people wear them anymore?

Gerbicks said...

LOVE the apron. how beautifully pregnant you look in it, also! great shot.

Eve said...

Cookie day was fantastic. A tip for cute aprons: Anthropologie. I also spotted an adorable one at Pier 1 the other day.