Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dr. Toddler

I'm working from home today with a sick Boy. I think it's just a little cold virus. He had a pretty good temperature yesterday when daycare sent him home early and was tired and had a "hurting head," he said. This morning, he was a little warm and a bit lethargic.

"Where do you feel bad?" I asked.

"Mine head hurt," The Boy said. "And mine tongue."

I'm diagnosing that as a headache and sore throat. I love that he can tell me what's wrong, more or less. Aside from the practicality, I really enjoy seeing how his mind works. Watching language acquisition is one of my favorite parts of parenthood so far.

A dose of Motrin had The Boy running all over the house this morning, so I'm pretty sure we can skip the doctor. I'm thinking a day of laziness with Momma, in front of the TV while I work, with plenty of liquids will be all The Boy needs to feel better. And popsicles, of course. Popsicles make everything better -- especially sore tongues.


In other news, my latest article -- about my futile attempts to keep presents for The Boy under control -- is up at BabyFit.

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k said...

I love, LOVE the language too. A simple response of "yeah" or "no" makes everything so much easier.

(Thanks for posting links to your articles!)