Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nine months: Any day now

The Lad's due date is Jan. 1.
The Boy was four days early.
At my last doctor's visit, I was about two centimeters dilated.
I have an appointment for a haircut and pedicure Tuesday.
Obviously, there's Christmas in there.
And there's a full moon Dec. 31.

Any bets on when The Lad will make his appearance?


Sarah said...

I'm guessing Dec. 29-30th. I hope everything goes perfectly and you have plenty of help around the house. I can't wait to meet the Lad!

Gerbicks said...

December 27th. that gives you a few days to eat lots of christmas food & then some post-christmas naps. but a full moon is hard to go up against (but, 2 cm already!)...hhmmmm...

Michelle said...

For some reason you look really tall in that photo. Must be your good posture :)
I'm going to say Dec. 29.

Amanda said...

Hillary if you even go before I do I will seriously break down and cry. Big fat overdue pregnant lady tears. Tell your cervix to cut it out. :)

Eve said...

I'm thinking Dec. 26 ... oh, and I agree with Michelle, you do have good posture. Mine is terrible. Desperately need to return to pilates classes.