Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How old is too old for a pacifier?

Peanut sounds like a little French girl when she asks for her paci because she puts the accent on the i.

Lately, we've been butting heads with our little French girl and her time with the paci. We've reserved it for night-night only, which she understands. When I tell her no paci, she sticks her little bottom lip out and says "Paci for night-night. Paci for night-night." That doesn't stop her from asking for it day and night.

On of her favorite tricks is to requests to go night-night at weird times of the day. Say 8:30 a.m. on Sunday when she's been up for less than two hours. She's like a little closet smoker who just needs a hit or two off one of the many pacifiers hoarded in her crib and then she's ready to play.

Is there a 12-step program for pacifier use?

I'd like to get her completely weaned by the time she turns two this summer. Admittedly, this is a completely arbitrary number based on nothing expect that I don't want people looking at me funny.

When did you get your little one weaned from the paci? Or when would you like to?


Party of 5 said...

We got rid of my son's by leaving them for Santa. We told him that Santa was going to bring them to the little tiny babies who needed it. He was a big boy and didn't need it anymore but there were some tiny babies who DID need it. He understood that and that worked well. He asked for it for two nights after that but that was it. Maybe you could do the same but with the Easter Bunny? You could leave them for the Easter Bunny so he could deliver them to a new baby's Easter Basket. And maybe in return the Easter Bunny could leave a new special something for her to have at night-night as a thank you for being SUCH A BIG GIRL! Just an idea... And for the record, I was SUPER against the paci (we call them chewies) idea with my first but with my second I introduced them. He had his chewie in his bed until this last Christmas and he turned three in September. I know. Kinda weird. He was so ready, it was habit more than anything and if he sneaked one downstairs we snipped the nipple with scissors. He only had one chewie left to leave for Santa! GOOD LUCK! Keep me posted on how you do it and how it goes.

k said...

Oh, Lord, the paci. Between Peanut and Ezra (and, frankly, now Iris because she loves hers)--we could form some sort of Pacifiers Anonymous group.

We limit Ezra's to nap and bed. But being the slippery seal that he is, he'll sometimes put his arms through the slats of his crib and nab one. He doesn't protest too much when we toss it back in.

Like you I have no bloody idea how to wean. Perhaps you can go first and let me know how it goes?

Ricki Booker said...

My daughter was 5 by the time we got rid of the pacifier. Thus, I wrote a book about it! It ended up being much easier than I ever expected and was able to get rid my second child's pacifier MUCH earlier. Check out http://www.changeisstrange.com. That's my website where you can order a personalized "No More Pacifier" book. Good luck!

Ricki Booker
Change IS Strange

Gerbicks said...

my oldest hated the pacifier--very very very independent child. my youngest (18 months) doesn't like pacifiers either, she likes to suck on an *empty* bottle day & night. just like a paci. we're not sure when we're going to do the weaning. i'm really hoping it happens naturally (let me live in denial). if she's not done with it by age 2, we're hoping we have the guts to just take it away, cold turkey.
gah, good luck! sorry i have no insight whatsoever, just mutual frustration or confusion about it all.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

We had the Paci Fairy come to visit one weekend when she was two. We marked it on a special calendar, counted down the days, talked a lot about it. She collected them all and put them outside the door ("for all the babies who need them"). When we checked later, there was a present for her, a Courdoroy bear (her favorite book at the time) and a blanket. The enclosed note told her to cuddle them when she needed comfort.

I was expecting a horror show. It took two days and only one major meltdown (the first nap was just a little teary, the first bedtime was a sad, sad time). We had to be tough though. A few days after she gave them up, she had a nasty tumble and asked to go to her bed (just like Peanut, she would ask to go to her bed for a quick drag on her paci when she needed comfort!). We took her there and she wailed when she remembered that there were no more pacis there. SO SAD.

Good luck! My advice: whenever you do it, be clear and don't look back! Like pulling off a bandaid!

Michelle said...

I like the idea of a paci fairy or the Easter Bunny. We might have to try those. I also think it is good to tell her the pacifiers are going to babies who need them. She loves babies.
And, k, Peanut and Ezra must be kindred souls. She loves to go into her room and reach through the slats for a paci.
Thanks, everyone, for the advice!

Tammy said...

My sister in law just had a new baby, so Emma and I packed up all her binkies to mail in a special package to Baby Will, since she was a big girl and didn't need them anymore. We had tried the binky fairy and it didn't work for us, so mailing them to a baby she had actually seen helped make it real for her. She was 2 1/2 at the time.

Amanda said...

I don't have any advice on this but from day one we could tell Quinn was going to be a sucker (ha!) and have recently tried the paci to avoid a thumbsucker figuring it would be easier to ditch the paci than remove her thumbs. ;)

Our ped said to take it away at a year and that the week we did would be miserable for both parties. So I guess all I have to offer here is that when you do take her off of it it's going to be a rough week. You might want to stock up on wine or coffee -- or both. ;)

Megan Gildow said...
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Michelle said...

That's exactly what I am afraid of, Amanda. The doctor acted shocked SHOCKED that we were still allowing her to have a paci at this late of an age.
Blag. We'll get there. Somehow.

Sarah said...

My mom got rid of my sister's paci when she was two. She told Jen that a momma bird flew in the window and snatched the paci for her baby birds, because the babies needed it. Jen bought it and the paci was never heard from again.

Karyan said...

Our doctor recommend that we wean our daughter from the pacife by 16 months, mostly because her little sis was coming a couple of months after that. I dreaded the process because she was so dependent on it to go to sleep! I read about one mom who snipped the tip of her son's pacifer to wean him. So we tried and just cut a little bit off one and hid the rest. The first few nights she protested, but we insisted that if she wanted her 'fier, she ue that one. We cut a little more off and she was no longer interested! Now she thinks they are toys! Good luck!