Thursday, March 11, 2010

The hard way

The Boy likes to use a big-boy cup at supper. He still uses a sippy at breakfast and through the day because he's roaming and I'm lazy. At dinner, he's contained, so we forgo the lid and everyone is happy.

Or rather, we were happy until The Boy discovered he could blow bubbles in his milk or suction the cup to his face or make echoing sounds into it. Then, he was happy and Momma was not.

I admonished: Boy, we don't blow bubbles. Boy, drink from your cup. Boy, you're going to spill, tipping your cup up like that. Boy, you can either drink from your cup or I'm going to take it away. I often made good on that threat, prompting cries of "My milk! I just want my milk, Momma!" I would think the lesson had stuck, only to repeat the whole scene the next night.

But last night, while the husband and I were talking and not completely focused on The Boy, he learned the hard way:

The cup sort of exploded on him. I'm not quite sure which of his tricks caused it. He was completely distraught, and the husband and I laughed so hard I cried.

"That's what happens when you play with your cup, Boy," the husband said between chuckles. "Did you learn your lesson?"


"No -- get the camera first," I said to the husband, who was reaching for the dish towel.

The milk droplets on his eyelashes needed to be captured for posterity. I wanted proof to show The Boy his parents are being mean for his own damn good, though I know this won't be the last time he learns the hard way. I just hope he can smile like this after those other hard lessons -- or most of them, anyway.


Two Braids said...

Priceless! That photo is awesome. So glad I didn't have wine in my mouth when I was reading!
We are trying the regular cup too some and it is a mess. Sophie likes to put the cup to her mouth and spoon the liquid with her tongue like a cat! And then hasn't finished that action before taking the cup away from her mouth thus making a mess!

As for photos for prosperity...I still have two polaroids my mom took when I was swollen from poison ivy! SWOLLEN, eyes swelled shut, puffy red face, pussy arms Poison Ivy and she thought it was appropriate to take photos. Moms.

d e v a n said...

LMAO! that is hilarious! natural consequences at their best!

samuraistrong said...

Hilarious. :) Reminds me of this morning when my girlfriend's baby was playing with a wooden ring toy (she's 5 mos. and doesn't have control of those pesky arms yet) and my girlfriend said, "When you hit yourself in the face with that you will learn cause and effect..."

I used to take the same attitude when I would lifeguard and yell at the same kids over and over to "WALK!" on the concrete deck. After the 3rd warning I'd give up, figure they'd fall and learn more than having me yell at them.

Lisa B said...

I love when I read something and it makes me laugh out loud! The words alone would've done it for me...for any parent for that matter. But the picture...oh LAWD Hillary - that is good.

k said...

Oh my goodness. That picture is AWESOME!