Friday, April 16, 2010

Why I'm happy to have boys

The husband and I have known since the summer of 2002 what we would name a little girl. Those of you who know us have heard this story (probably ad nauseam), but to catch everyone up: We were driving back to DC from a long weekend in Virginia Beach in the husband's crappy little car that had no AC. The wind flapping in the windows made listening to music impossible, so we filled the hours with one of those rambling, silly conversations you have early in a relationship. We somehow got onto the topic of names, what we liked and what we would use for a child. The husband was being his ridiculous self, just reading things off signs -- "What about Exit? What about Weigh Station?" -- as we got close to his apartment near the American University metro stop.

"What about Tenley?"

It's the AU-Tenleytown stop.

"For a boy or a girl?" I said, taking him seriously for the first time in 100 miles.

"A girl," he said, surprising himself, I think.


And it was decided.

Both The Boy and The Lad would have been named Tenley if they had been a girl -- Tenley Jane for the The Boy, Tenley Caroline for The Lad. The one little twinge of longing I felt after finding out The Lad was a boy was for a dark-haired girl named Tenley.

Thank goodness she never arrived.

The husband and I watch very little TV and almost no reality shows. So it wasn't until weeks after The Lad was born that I heard one of the women on The Bachelor was named Tenley. I read earlier this week that TV names, including Tenley and Sookie, are the names rising fastest in popularity.

People would have thought I named my child for a reality show contestant.


Party of 5 said...

Nice story. I feel ya. My daughter's name is Drew. "Oh, after Drew Barrymore!" is what people say to me all the time. I reply, "No, after Jane Drew Bennett, her beautiful Great Nana." You would have said, "No, after a sign my husband and I saw while on vacation. Not after the reality show floozie."

d e v a n said...

Too funny! You just never know what names are going to gain popularity. hehe

Gerbicks said...

good story! we feel that way about 'amelia' now...soon after she was born the movie about amelia earhart came out & apparently now amelia is a popular name. so it goes.

i've had a boy name picked out for 5 years (jude), so that's why we have girls.

k said...

Heh. I would have to give you hassle if you named your child after someone on the Bachelor. Ick.

T and I decided on Ezra's name while we were dating. We discussed it. It stuck. We got married and had a baby. It all worked.

As for girl names, I adore the name Madeline after the little french girl in the books. But now? Maddie/Madeline? Played OUT.