Monday, May 24, 2010

The first night

So the first night of the big girl bed did not go so well.

It took more than 45 minutes to get her to stay in her bed. I laid with her for awhile and finally just walked out, shutting her door. She screamed for five minutes and the husband went back in. He laid with her for 10 minutes and she was out. Go figure.

She stumbled into our room, which is right across the hall at 4 a.m. I took her back to bed and she insisted we snuggle. I climbed into bed with her and stayed there for almost an hour. She would fall asleep but sense every time I tried to get up and start crying. Finally at 5 a.m., she woke up in a fit and insisted we go back to my room.

She stayed in bed with us for about 15 minutes before the husband had enough of her switching her pacis in and out. (She must have a minimum of three pacis at night-night so she can rotate them through. I have no idea why.) So the husband took her back to bed and stayed with her until 7 a.m.

At 7:30 a.m., he hopped in the shower and here comes a sleepy Peanut again. I went back to bed with her and stayed until almost 9 a.m.

It's now 9:40 a.m. and she is still asleep, which is not really surprising since she barely napped yesterday and didn't sleep well last night.

k asked if we had child proofed her room more or had to worry about steps. No, we didn't really do anything extra to her room but yes we do need to worry about steps. Thankfully she is very good at handling the stairs and since we live in a tri-level, they aren't very tall. But, I do plan on putting a baby gate up tonight.

I'm hoping the second night goes better than the first. Any tips? Ideas?


Hillary said...

SuperNanny's techniques have helped us through the few rough patches we've had with The Boy.
We put him to bed, give him kisses, tuck him in and tell him, "Good night. It's time for sleep."
Sometimes we hear him talking quietly to himself or playing with his stuffed animal, and that's OK. He goes to sleep eventually.
But, if we hear him get out of bed, if he comes out of the room or he gets too loud, we go in and put him back to bed. Usually this is done without saying a word, though if he's found some new sort of mischief -- eg banging his cast on the wall -- we explain that we do NOT do that thing. Good night.
Be firm, be consistent and don't get sucked into being her lovey -- tempting as it is to snuggle these growing-too-fast kids whenever they'll let us.

k said...

I had a friend, in order to keep her little girl from wandering around at night once in the big bed, who put a gate on the bedroom itself. Worst thing that happened is that she got out of bed and fell asleep on the carpet.

I don't know. We have some killer stairs, so I could us doing that but the rest of it the process just eludes me.

As for paci rotation?--that made me laugh. Ezra has six pacis (down from eight) in his crib. It's a little out of control, I admit.

d e v a n said...

Ah, just keep putting her back and eventually it will stick. Unfortunately sometimes it takes a long time and it kind of sucks. Good luck! Maybe she'll be so tired she'll stay in bed!!!

Two Braids said...

I have no advice. I plan on keeping Sophie in her crib until she's about 13 and wants to sleep until noon each day. Thanks for traveling this road first and sharing the ups and downs;)

Sara said...

Eeeeek! The big kid bed thing is scaring me. Noah's not ready yet but I am a planner by nature so I've got the bedding picked out and we're READY TO GO as soon as I decide it's time. But then I think about all the middle of the night wake-ups and I start to shake a little.

Maybe when he's 12...