Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just randomness

Two things I probably shouldn't be proud of teaching my daughter (but I am).

"League of Dorks" in reference to her father's fantasy football league.

"Hot mess" in reference to anything that is a hot mess.


I asked Peanut if she wanted a brother or a sister some day.

She said no.

I tried to explain the concept to her.

She still said no.


Peanut took no nap Thursday. Someone hold me.

The sitter called at 3 p.m. and said Peanut showed no interest in napping and screamed her head off when put down, something she never does.

The husband said she was pleasant all night and didn't go to bed until 8:40 p.m.

She cannot abandon naps already. It is not an option.


I just looked up at the television to see a law firm advertising the dangers of Reglan, a drug I took while pregnant with Peanut to help curb morning sickness.


It said it can cause twitching of the extremities, tongue thrusting, rapid blinking and licking of lips.

Suddenly, my lips feel dry ...


I am freakishly in love with the new Train song "Hey, Soul Sister." It makes me so very happy. I bought the CD and found another great song on it, "Marry Me," which actually makes me tear up.


Anything random you would like share?


d e v a n said...

Bummer on the naps. My newly turned 3 year old is ditching them and it sucks.

Sarah said...

Just that I too am fretting about the Zofran I had to take this time. It just hasn't been around very long, and has only been used in pregnancy for a little while. It seems way too soon for doctors to be all cavalier about it. But I knew I had to do something, because I was barely functional and I had two kids to take care of all day... Yeah. Still feel guilty about it and fret about birth defects and stuff, though.
Can't wait for the inevitable lawyer commercial in ten years re: delayed side effects of Zofran.

Sarah said...

I love it that Peanut says "hot mess." That is hysterical!

k said...

ADORE that Train song. Adoreadoreadore.

I accidently said "sucka" around Ezra this weekend and he repeated it.

"Hot mess," though, so much more useful.

Michelle said...

Oh, k. I said sucka to Peanut the other day when I tricked her into getting her diaper changed. I said it under my breath, jokingly, never thinking she would hear me. She heard me alright.

And, Sarah, I took Zofran too and was completely freaked out about it (and still am a bit).

Two Braids said...

i licked my lips reading the fourth Random on the list.
Love the train song. and also a big fan of the new Christina Agularia song. I do not listen to that station with Sophie in the car!