Sunday, May 23, 2010

Now she's done it

Saturday morning we woke to a fitful Peanut at 6 a.m. Given that she didn't go to bed until 10 p.m., it seemed like the middle of the night even though the sun was up.

We convinced her to snuggle with us for about 90 minutes, during which time she dozed on and off. Finally, she had enough, leaned into my husband's ear and said "Cereal, Daddy. Need cereal."

He kindly obliged letting me get more sleep.

By the time I got up, it was very apparent Peanut had not gotten her rest. The word cranky doesn't do her mood justice. Having enough of her tantrums and since time out wasn't working, the husband decided to just put her back in her crib.

Not 30 seconds later, I heard a banging on her door. I looked at the husband and asked, "Did you put her in the crib?"

He nodded wide-eyed as the banging and screaming continued.

When I went upstairs, I found Peanut free as can be from the confines of the crib.

Ladies and gentlemen, she climbed out. Someone hold me.

I initially thought we'd wait to see if she would do it again before moving her to a big girl bed. She did it two more times. Sunday morning, I woke to Peanut whining in the hallway. Not only had she climbed out of her crib but she also took off her diaper because as she told me, "It was wet."

Thankfully, we had a daybed waiting in the wings and just needed to get some bedding. So after a trip to the store (in which I had to return after buying the wrong size bedding - mommy fail) daddy set up her bed with the help of Uncle Zac.

She jumped on it happily saying "Big girl, night-night! Big girl night-night!"

I watched her through tears because how is she out of her crib already? And how am I going to take my showers in the morning?


Napping for the last time in her crib:

And now into the big girl bed:


d e v a n said...

oh dear. i dread the day with son3. She sure does look cute in her new bed though.

k said...

I want that bedding for my bed.

I can't believe little girl climbed out of her bed. Holy Moses. E tries to throw a leg up and it makes my stomach clench for I fear the big boy bed.

Let us know how the first night went. Did she wander out? Do you have to worry about child proofing her room even more? Do you have stairs to worry about?

(am wringing my hands...)