Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to reality

For our anniversary, the husband and I rented a Mustang convertible and drove around the ritzy areas along the beach. I wore sunglasses and a scarf wrapped around my head and tied behind my neck to keep my hair from blowing in the wind.

"Just call me Audrey," I joked.

We window-shopped and had lunch at a restaurant that has been open since 1921. Though it looks a bit shabby now, the dark wood booths and patio tables sitting on tile floors beneath wide-bladed fans teemed with the ghosts of stylish people having cocktails. The husband and I joined them, toasting ourselves with good beer and strawberry pie in the midday heat.

And then, just to keep things classy, I pumped in a parking garage. Nothing like parenthood to keep you grounded in reality.


In other, somewhat related news, The Lad has two teeth. His bottom front teeth popped out over night just in time for our anniversary. (Such a thoughtful kiddo, that Lad.) You know how you scrape your teeth along a fork to get the last crumbs of cake? Well, The Lad has done that twice to me after a feeding. The first time I was so shocked, I did nothing. The second time, I will admit to tapping his cheek out of reflex and yelling. The yell scared him, and at the next feeding, I was safe. But that also might have been because I was monitoring every suck and, at the first sign of a wriggle, unlatching him.

We call the Lad our little Beastie. You long-term breastfeeding mommas have any good tips to ward off a mauling, should The Lad decide to live up to his nickname?


Gerbicks said...

OUCH. addy munched a few times, drawing blood. i will never forget that pain & my desire to toss her across the room right then. i recommened exactly what you did (which is what our then-pediatrician said to do): flick their cheek, yelp as loud as possible, & then give a stern no while taking the breast away for a few minutes or an hour. the 2nd time, flick their cheek harder, etc.

this sounds way too simple but it totally worked. she only chomped a few more times after this...but for sure i was removing my breast immediately after she was finished.

good luck...i know this situation has brought a quick end to breastfeeding for several mothers out there.

the word verification is CREWD. i think blogger is telling us that the lad is being cruel & lewd both at once. lol...

Hillary said...

ha! I love your take on the word verification, Heidi. And thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.

Sarah said...

I have no advise on the biting thing... Addy was weaned before she got teeth (at thirteen months!) and Eli had plenty by the time he was weaned, but amazingly never did much more than nip at me. No blood drawing! So, uh, good luck with that!
I just wanted to say I love the idea of renting a cool car for your anniversary! How fun.

katie said...

Baby O chomps down with his gums and holds on like I'm going to take away my boob for the rest of his life. It's not every feeding but even once was enough. I am not looking forward to when he gets teeth.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

When Z and E tried out their budding teeth on my most tender flesh, I immediately yelped, told them "NO BITING", put them down and walked away. It took one time with Z and two times with E before they got the message: Mama's NOT a teething toy!