Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monkeys! Tinkerbell! Dinosaurs!

So the flower-monkey-dinosaur-Tinkerbell 2nd birthday party went very well today. As previously mentioned we had a bit of a mixed message when it came to the party but I went with it and it was fun.

Oh, and we had a bit of a carnival going on in the back yard. She's in her happy place in the water, which why her hair looks like it does while blowing out the candles ...

And she learned how to play on the slip and slide with a little help from her uncle, who launched the children down the slide.

For your amusement: The pink flower-Tinkerbell-dinosaur cake. A special thanks to my sister who found the Tinkerbell and dinosaur candles.

I would love to write a moving piece about how my life has changed in the past two years and how I am in awe that the wrinkled little mass that came out of me is now a talking, dancing, sassing, laughing, loving, opinionated toddler. But, really, between this non-stop toddler and the baby growing in me, I'm too tired to say anything expect that I am so very happy for it all.


d e v a n said...

Happy birthday to your big girl!

Party of 5 said...

Awesome. Happy birthday to her.

k said...

Dang, she's cute.

Happy Birthday to Peanut!

(Also, can I come over and bounce?)