Monday, August 16, 2010

Daddy's bright idea

I'm not sure how this conversation started, but here's where we come to the pictures below.

Daddyman: Let's put The Lad in your Spiderman bag, Boy!
Boy: Yeah! I can fit in the bag, too. Put me in the bag.
Daddyman: No, you're too big. But we can put Beast in the bag. Beastie in the bag!

The Lad was OK with it ...

until The Boy tried to pick up the bag. Then, my sensible little Lad sensed danger. Note the furrowed brow. Imagine much squawking.

Around this point, The Lad was disgusted with all of us. Though, let me say for the record that we did NOT allow The Boy to tote around The Lad in a Spiderman backpack. We just took pictures that made it look like he could. That's way better.

This is what living in a house full of boys is like. I'm sure it's only going to get worse.


k said...

Always the dads with the "good" ideas.

Makes for good pictures, though.

Sarah said...

Oh, the Beast is so cute!
Also, I kind of like this idea. Perhaps if we present the new baby to Eli in a Spiderman gift bag he'll take to the idea a little better?

Erica said...