Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just a summer cold

Peanut spiked a fever of 102 yesterday while at the babysitter's. The husband went to get her and we debated if we needed to go to the doctor.

I always hate this decision. Do you risk looking like the crazy mother who freaks out every time your child coughs or do you wait and risk looking like the careless mother who doesn't care if her child is seriously ill?

The husband called and told the doctor about her fever and a cough she's been fighting for a few days. They told him if her fever didn't go down by today to call again.

So fast forward to this afternoon. She still felt warm despite a dose of medicine and an ear scan showed a temp of 101.9. Thankfully the doctor's office could see us right away.

A little background on our pediatrician. He's a nice man. He's a little dry but nice. However, he's been a bit doomsday with us in the past. During one of our first appointments, I asked him about a bluish mark on Peanut's forehead that turned darker whenever she cried. He told me it could be a vein but it was more likely that it was a growing birthmark that would either grow into her brain causing developmental problems or grow out and over her eye, making it possibly inoperable. He told me to watch for "mushrooming" of the area and left. I too left and went and cried at a friend's house, fearing my child was doomed. Two other times he mentioned surgery for problems that never surfaced, just like the birthmark that wasn't.

After the third talk of surgery, the husband asked the doctor to maybe not go to worst case scenario every time and things have been much better since.

So today, he checked her over, noting that her temperature was just 99, she had a little fluid in one ear and slight irritation in her throat but nothing to be concerned about. He said it was just a summer cold, looking at me like I might be a little crazy.

That's right. The hypochondriac doctor looked at me like I was crazy. I paid $25 for this.

Tell me you've had a similar experience.


Sarah said...

Oh yeah. It never fails- you bring them in and nothing's wrong; you decide to wait it out and then suddenly they're deathly ill and when you finally come in the staff gives you dirty looks like you're negligent parents.

The Mama said...

My little one is home sick with diarrhea and I called the doctor - she actually told us NOT to come in. I was like, huh? But it's money for you!! And our doctor is also kind of a hypochondriac. I think it's always worth it to at least call.

d e v a n said...

OH YES. I have taken a child to a well visit to find out they had 2 terribly infected ears, and I have taken a child to a sick visit to find out they were perfectly FINE. ugh

Two Braids said...

Wow. That is one thing I'm ever grateful for-a super family doctor. I swear this man would do house calls if we asked. He is always straight forward, tells it like it is, a "don't worry" attitude and I feel lucky he is a family practitioner and not just a pediatrician. If we ever move away, I'll ask him to come with us!

Gerbicks said...

our pediatrician is so laid back about it all that we've thought about finding a different doc several times. (the 'toddler diarrhea' turned out to be a tree nut allergy that nearly close addy's esophagus. the seasonal cold turned out to be pneumonia--which we found out through blood tests that we pushed for. the everyday minor speech delay turned out to be a nearly 2 years behind severe speech delay). BUT everything else is great with this group of ped's! ;o) it's hard to tell when to stick with the dr & when to leave. but kuddos to your husband for telling the dr to lay off the doomsday stuff.

k said...

I also hate that with doctors, my options as a parent are either Anal or Slacker.

We've rushed Ezra in for a cough and been told it was nothing at all and we've seemingly ignored ear infections for weeks and weeks.