Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sure you can hold the baby

I took the boys to a restaurant alone for supper last Friday night. I picked the little beach-side pizza place so if yelling ensued or puffs went flying, I would only be slightly mortified. But I needn't have worried. The Boy was perfectly behaved, watching out the window at the castles (read: high-rise condos) across the street, and The Lad was too busy shoving applesauce, bits of crust and anything else within reach into his mouth to raise a fuss. Mary, our waitress, and other patrons cooed over my boys and played peekaboo with The Lad. I was feeling downright smug by the time the check came. Tidying up our table, I unthinkingly asked The Boy if he needed to go potty before we left.

"Yeah, I need to pee."

Crap. The physics of holding The Boy up to pee in a public restroom while carrying The Lad and keeping our skin from touching any surface were beyond me.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I need to pee."

I must have looked less than serene as I gathered up my giant bag and The Lad and started to herd The Boy toward the bathroom. Our very kind waitress Mary stopped as she swooped up the credit card receipt.

"You want me to hold the baby?"

"Would you?! Thanks!"

I totally left my child, my baby, in the arms of a complete stranger. Again.

Having two kids has taught me to take the help where I can get it. A momma has only two hands ... and no vat of Purell to dip the boys into.

But what would you have done? Juggled the kids and hoped no one fell in the toilet? Or trust in the kindness of strangers?

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Amanda said...


About a month ago I was out running errands. My last trip of the day was to return tile. There were two very heavy boxes in the back of my car and I needed someone from the store to use a dolly to get them from my car to the store. It was also a million degrees that day.

I parked, carried Q in her pumpkin seat from the lot to the store. Got someone with a dolly and then contemplated asking someone at the front desk to watch her while I walked all the way back to my car to get the tile and then all the way back in and then back out again.

I didn't but paused at the door to the store and considered leaving her by the door (it was a glass store front and I could see her) and decided that I didn't need a call to CPS so I lugged her out to the car, back into the store and back out again to leave.