Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random cuteness

I told you The Lad's first word was "Whoa!" (I'm sticking to my guns on this debate. While The Beastie does use mama and dada to mean us, he does so indiscriminately. Dada is just as easily directed at me as it is the husband. The husband says this is good enough -- dada means parent -- but I say no. Anyway ...) What I didn't tell you is how ridiculously cute it is to have The Beast shouting, "WHOA!" at every. little. thing.

The cat walks by. Whoa!
We walk outside and a breeze brushes his cheek. Whoa!
A car drives past. Whoa!
A restaurant has a Christmas wreath. Whoa!

We stopped at a grocery store on the way home and the husband and The Boy ran in to get a few things while The Lad and I waited in the car. He started fussing, so I unbuckled him and pulled him into the front seat with me. Whoa! His head went on a swivel. Whoa! Every time he says it, his eyes get wide and twinkly and his mouth pulls into a perfect O.

I, of course, don't have a picture of this perfect little face. But here's this one, which has about half the cuteness quotient, to give you an idea.


The Boy is discovering knock-knock jokes. He has discovered the intro, but the punchline continues to elude him. He likes to say, "Knock, knock!" and expects you to say, "Who's there?" but never has an answer for you. Well, sometimes he has an answer. "The Boy!" he'll shout and then laugh like crazy.

And once he shouted, "Chicken poop!"

He's lucky he's cute.


Erica said...

chicken poop is always an appropriate punch line. To any joke.

k said...

Well, I just laughed at the chicken poop punchline--so it worked on me!

And! Oh! Beastie's face! What a happy boy!