Monday, January 24, 2011

The girl in the scarf

Michelle was asking about nursing covers and breastfeeding in public.

True story: I've always wanted to be the girl wearing a scarf, but never felt like I could pull it off. Then, I had The Lad and started breastfeeding in public because I'm impatient and nosy and unwilling to leave a party. I used pretty scarves as cover ups and suddenly, I was the girl wearing great scarves.

Nevermind I was all covered in spit up and wearing a nursing bra. Whatever. I looked chic.

Breastfeeding in public -- much like wearing scarves -- is all about attitude, I think. You have to just not care and be confident that you're right. Here are some tips I wrote for BabyFit about breastfeeding in public, but that's the gist.

Other uses for scarves: peekaboo, small spit-up or snot clean ups, leakage coverage.


Sarah said...

Great idea! Where did you purchase these fabulous looking scarves?

d e v a n said...

LOVE the scarf idea! I breastfed in public a lot, sometimes I wore nursing shirts, sometimes I used a nursing cover. I wish I had thought of the scarf thing...

Hillary said...

Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft and Target supplied most of mine