Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am growing my hair out. And all I keep thinking is how much I want to chop it off.

In 2006, I chopped off my long hair after growing it for years out of laziness and thrift. My sister is a hairdresser and I was used to showing up at her salon, where she would magically d0 something with my hair and charge me little to nothing for the service. After college, finding a stylist, telling her what to do and paying her was more than I could handle. Then, I was getting married, so I figured long hair was a good idea. Options, right.

(Actually, that's not entirely right. I had short hair when I graduated high school and loved it. LOVED it. It was different and sassy and me. And then I went to college and was no longer the only bookish girl with short hair. It wasn't that unusual and it tended to attract either gay guys or assholes. While assholes were, in fact, my type, it seemed a better looking breed of asshole liked girls with long hair. So, if we're being honest, I first started growing my hair out in college to fit in and attract boys. There. I said it.)

Anyway. I ended up with long hair, which was nice, but eh. I'm never ever going to be a woman who does more than blowdries her hair. I'm just not. Ask my sister. She gave up on me a long time ago. My long hair mostly hung around my face or was scraped into a ponytail. I'll never forget the night I told my sister, proudly, that I had worn a bun to work. She gasped in shock and dismay.

When I finally cut it off, I donated it to Locks of Love and it was a wonderful thing. I mean, yes, the charity is a nice cause. But the act of chopping off 12 inches of hair in one fell swoop -- that was AWESOME. It was an instant attitude lift. I practically bounced out of the salon. I felt feisty.

I want that feeling again. Plus, you know, I want to help people. I think this time I'm going to donate through Pantene, which helps adults. I've had several family members with cancer, and this seems like a nice way to remember them. I swore before I went really gray, I would grow my hair long enough to donate again -- that's at least an 8-inch ponytail.

After several years of short hair and two pregnancies, when I was worried I was falling into Mom Hair, I decided it was time. I am committed to doing this. But lordy, it's taking forever. I miss short hair. I want these hairstyles.

Here's where you tell me how lovely and low-maintenance long hair can be. Talk me down, people. Also, I want to know -- if you have long hair, how do you make it look professional?


amanda said...

So funny you posted this - I decided a month ago that in an attempt to grow out my hair I was setting a goal - donating it. ;)

I have a problem once my hair gets to my shoulders. It's awkward, I hate it, I cut it off. The last time I tried to grow it was for our wedding. I made it from October to May (we wed in September) and I just figured long hair wasn't me, why suffer and went back to "me."

I think I got the short hair out of my system this summer when I chopped it and am hoping i can hold out but I agree, it's TAKING FOREVER.

My tactics are a) I'm going to go for a blunt bang for a bit of a change and when that wears off/grows out I'm going to change the color a bit. It's been November since I've had a cut so I'm doing well so far!

Check out Hair Thursday - there are a ton of great ideas on that site. :)

Eve said...

Fun post. Love the pictures. I was going to suggest a bang-type thing to help you endure the grow-out, but Amanda beat me to it.
I added some side bangs and layers to my long hair a few months ago, and it made it feel more professional-looking, less high-schoolish.
Of course, all the high-school girls have long hair with bangs now, so I'm probably kidding myself here. But, yes, at least it's not Mom Hair.

~she~ said...

I'm a long hair girl and I take the time to style it every day. I actually enjoy it. And I love the look of a cute up-do matched with casual attire. It works.

Erica said...

I have not regretted chopping mine off for a second. You have a husband so you don't have to worry about what kind of guy your hair attracts. I'm lazy about my hair too which is why I love my bob. My small amount of styling works with it and I can't do a pony tail which saves me from having a pony tail every day. The only downside? I have to cut it more often to keep it looking right. But I think it's worth it.

Sarah said...

Personally, I love your hair short. I think the Katie Holmes cut would suit you perfectly. I know this is not what you asked for and I'm no professional, but I think you should go for what you like.

k said...

I had a pixie cut like Winona Ryder and the growing out process was so excrutiating, I vow to never ever cut my hair that short again. It was horrid for me. Also my hair is so pin straight that even getting it to look good short took copious amounts of styling aids.

I am totally loving the Sienna Miller 'do for you. A lot!

In the meantime, hang in there with your long tresses. I use velcro rollers a lot (the ones that don't heat up). Put them in while my hair dries, take them out, have loose waves that are bouncy.

Gerbicks said...

i'm growing my hair out also...more b/c my hair grows so fast that spending $40 every 4 weeks to keep up a short style is just too much moolah. so i totally understand your short hair envy. until then, i say a ponytail with some pouf on the top is as professional as i would go *smile*

Anonymous said...

My quick and easy/professional long hair up due requires two hair clips (around the thickness of your thumb). Start twisting your hair near the bottom back of your hair as if you were doing a French twist. Put the clips on either side of your twist, at the crown of your head (not too high - we don't want to look like a waterfall). Let the hair fall over the clip. This should give the illusion that you're wearing a hair extention clip. Voila - a quick up due that becomes easier then a ponytail.

I've never gotten the velcro rollers thing. I like sponge curlers much better. You put them in your hair before bed and in the morning (when a million things take priority to get everyone out the door) you take them out and have curls all day. The amount of hair you put in each curler determines the size of the curl. Too little and you look like Shirley temple.