Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sick day

I'm home sick today. I was sicker than a dog last night with some sort of stomach bug. I had chills and fever and aches. I was up every hour. And just to make everything better, my period arrived in the middle of all that. So, I decided to not even work from home, but take time off.

This is the first sick day I've taken since The Lad was born. It was noon before I felt human. I've kept down water, four saltines and a cup of applesauce. I've slept most of the day and still have a headache.

And yet I feel like I'm being spoiled, sitting home in the quiet, napping and reading and futzing on the computer.

This is motherhood. It makes you grateful for being sick.


Becki said...

I have already stayed home one day after Luke brought home his first baby plague from day care. I felt so awful I had Dave take Luke to school, and then wavered between guilty for not working but not having the baby home and blissfully vegged out on the couch.

Gerbicks said...

love the last bit! that could be the title of a book about parenting...