Thursday, March 3, 2011

The doctor check up

Let me start off with the good news: Gizmo is in great health. She's doing everything she is supposed to developmentally. She's grown three inches since birth putting her at 23.5 inches (26.5 if you count her faux hawk, which just will not be tamed) and is now at 11 lbs. 8 oz., up from 8 lbs. at birth.

She hated getting her shots and was hella pissed. With Peanut, she stopped crying the minute I picked her up after her shots. Little miss? Oh no. She let me have it, which was just the perfect way to end a not so great experience at the doctor.

So here's my rant: I was at the doctor's office for 90 minutes today just to be seen by either a doctor or nurse for a total of 10 minutes.

We waited in a very busy waiting room for 45 minutes. Gizmo cried because she couldn't fall asleep. She couldn't fall asleep because a very angry toddler who was waiting with his mom kept screaming and screeching. I didn't really blame him because they were waiting just as long as we were.

Children were wandering everywhere, a couple of them trying to touch Gizmo or get a closer look at her. I'm not a complete germaphobe but I really didn't want these unknown kids in the doctors office for unknown reasons/contagious diseases getting up in my baby's face especially with a not completely developed immune system.

Peanut got antsy and insisted on changing seats about four times even though Tinkerbell was on the television. She whined and wanted to go home, flopping around on the seats and the floor. Admittedly, I should have dropped her off at the sitter's first but she said she wanted to go with us and I wasn't anticipating such a long visit.

I texted my husband (after I finally got Gizmo to go to sleep) at the 40 minute mark and said they had 5 more minutes before I got bitchy. Thankfully they called us back.

We then waited to be seen by a nurse then waited for a doctor then waited some more for a second nurse to administer the shots. To top it off, we waited 5-10 minutes in line to check out.

I scheduled the doctor's appointment thinking I might be 10 minutes late for work. I was an hour late, which makes me nuts, especially since I just came back from maternity leave.

I've stayed with this doctor's office, despite not always being happy with it, because I can usually get in and get out quickly. We have another appointment in two months. If we have to wait like that again, I'm switching.

What's your bad doctor's office experience?


Lisa said...

My first pediatrician was like that--long waits, busy waiting room, etc. But I think the worst part was I felt the doctor was really pushing formula on me when I was adamant about breast feeding. I was probably too sensitive about it, but ended up switching to a new pediatrician, I think just after my little man's first birthday. I LOVE the new ped's office. (They are also supportive of our vaccine decisions.) Yours might be mine was...but don't be afraid to look around to find an even better fit!

d e v a n said...

ugh, that sucks. I hate waiting a long time. Thankfully, my ped's office usually doesn't have a long wait. My ob/gyn's office has a SUPER long wait usually.

~she~ said...

Sounds like they're just overbooked. Try scheduling early morning appointments if you can. Usually things aren't quite as backed up then. First appointment after lunch is usually good too. And no, I would not be happy about strange sick kids touching my baby. No way!

k said...

I haaaaaate waiting a long time in the little exam room. Waiting room?--okay. Little room?--not. At least there's a fish tank and windows and a television in the bigger area.

I second the vote for right after lunch and I know at our doctor's, like, 11am is good too. First thing of the day; last thing of the day--bad news bears.

eemilla said...

I left my first ob/gyn because it took no less than four months to obtain an annual check up visit, and for three or four years I consistently waited no less than forty-five minutes or up to 1.5 hours in the waiting room before another ten to twenty wait in the exam room. I cannot imagine waiting that long with two kids and someone else's kid screaming in protest.