Monday, March 7, 2011


So, you've been warned about the nature of this post.

I don't normally post things I write for my real job. Usually, those things have nothing to do with the topics around here. But I write a weekly column about life in our area, and this week, I wrote about an amazing, resilient boy.

Luke is 12. He wants to be a baseball player and he doesn't have a back-up plan yet. He loves the Miami Dolphins and the University of Florida Gators. He and his dad are buds -- not friends, exactly, but partners. Luke's mom died two years ago.

Luke wrote an essay about his mom, and that's why I wrote about him. (You'll find both pieces on that link.)

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Erica said...

Aw - so great. I would have commented on the article but you have to have a user name I think. Nice work.