Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two months old, a day late

Gizmo turned two months old yesterday. Above is the obligatory duck photo. As you can see, her hair refuses to be tamed. Some is falling out. Some is growing longer. More is growing in. We cannot go anywhere without 18 people stopping us to comment on her hair. I love it.

She is the sweetest thing, quick with the smiles and coos. She also has come around to liking the swing and can I just get an Amen? Because it is so much easier to get the family ready for an outing when the littlest one is content in the swing.

Everyone asks what kind of baby she is. She is a fairly easy baby. Laid back like her dad. It could be her personality or that I don't feel wound tighter than a eight day clock since we've been here, done that. Either way, it is a good not to worry about everything and just enjoy having a baby.

Notes on the return to work: Some of my coworkers actually applauded when I walked in and the people who work for me requested that we not have any more children. It is good to be loved.

I only cried leaving the house. The husband stayed home for the day, making it easier for me. He said Peanut asked for me all day, which made me feel good since she was all, "peace out, momma, don't let the door hit you on the way out. I've got my daddy, I'm good, woman" or maybe that was just how it sounded in my head.

She did tell her father last night that she wanted a baby in her belly. I think my husband's head exploded while he threw up in his mouth. He told her she better never have a baby in her belly. When he relayed this to me later, I asked, "don't you want grandchildren?" he mumbled something and stalked off. Good thing we have at least a couple decades to get him prepared for the idea.


k said...

I want to nibble on your baby.

I'm so, so glad that your first day back went smoothly.

Also, I'd like to second that Holla! on the baby swing. Ezra thought it was for chumps while Iris digs it. Praise Jesus.

Erica said...

Ha ha! Before I read your first paragraph I just thought "OMG the hair!" It is awesome.
Great post - glad all is well.

Devan said...

hahaha @ the baby in the belly comment! hee
Love the picture - she's getting big and so adorable!

Sara said...

Congrats on a good first day back at work! And I don't think Gizmo can get any cuter.

~she~ said...

So cute!

Sarah said...