Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Doing something for me

As parents, it is hard to find time to do something for you. The baby needs fed. The toddler needs attention. Work needs to be done so the bills can be paid. The house needs cleaned so the grandmothers can come over and not try to take custody of the children. Dinners made. Clothes washed. Butts wiped.

But I am trying to make more time for me (and the husband) so that I (we) don't lose my (our) mind(s). I struggled with this after Peanut was born. I felt guilty if I didn't spend every. single. waking. minute. with her or doing things for her or thinking about her. This does not a healthy momma make.

My priority is still my family as a whole but I am trying to take some time for me so I don't feel burned out and only ask for a break when I am at the end of my rope.

I hope there won't be an end of the rope anymore.

So here is what I am doing:

  • I challenged myself to read 100 books in 1 year. Even though I consider myself an avid reader, I have never done this before. So far, I am a few behind pace but I have managed to read 27 books so far this year. For having a baby, a toddler, a husband a job, I am pretty proud of myself. I read while I pump. I read while I'm making dinner. I read while I'm feeding Gizmo. I read before I go to bed. (The husband may hide my Nook if I keep reading like this).
  • I joined the gym at work. Why I haven't done this before is beyond me. We have a great facility that is directly below me. All kinds of work-out equipment and classes that include Zumba, pilates, yoga and high-energy aerobics. Plus it is super cheap and convenient. My plan is to go after work when the girls are in bed. Even if I can get on an elliptical (and read) for 30 minutes that will be better than what I am doing now, which is nothing. I need this as a stress reliever as much as I do to improve my fitness.
  • I am planning a trip for the husband and me. We don't get much alone time together given our work schedules. By the time I get home at 10ish, it's time to get things ready for the next day, feed Gizmo and hopefully crash into bed by midnight. Usually the husband plans our trips. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever planned one for us. Right now I'm leaning toward a long weekend in Nashville.
  • I bought my plane ticket to go to The Blathering in October. Hillary and I had planned to take a trip together this fall when Erica encouraged us to sign up for The Blathering. With the hopes of meeting some lovely ladies that we have become friends with through the interwebz, we agreed Austin would be our destination.
What are you doing for you?


k said...

On the weekends, when the kids and T are passed out for naps--I either go to the gym or get my nails done. It's a good three hours to myself that is delightful.

I try to go to bed early. It makes me less snarly and that's a Win for everyone involved.

Kellyology said...

I agree. It is super important to take time for yourself. I find when I don't I tend to become quite grumpy, and you know, that's not good for anyone. Enjoy!

Sara said...

Whaaaaaa! This is me sobbing that I can't make the Blathering this year. Because now it will be that much longer until I "meet" you ladies.

What I've done for me lately: spent four hours window shopping with my mom in the city while Noah stayed home with Dad. A totally frivolous and perfectly perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Erica said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!
I really hope you can achieve the exercise thing and then write about how great it is on a continuing basis because I really fail there. Again and again. But all this stuff for you stuff is so fab.

Cupcake Mama said...

Can't wait to meet you at the Blathering!! I hide in the bathroom to get some time alone. I stole the idea from my husband.