Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sick but not

I feel sick. But not sick enough to stay home from work. But still sick enough to make me miserable while I am at work.

I hate the in between.

I almost wish I would get sicker so I could stay home. The girls could go to the sitters' and I could have an afternoon of sleep. I had this thought when I first felt my scratchy throat and it made me a little happy. An afternoon of rest, even sick, sounds wonderful right now.

I have a terrible time missing work. I feel incredibly guilty so I must be practically bed ridden before I will call in sick. The husband thinks there is something wrong with that.

I know I would feel a lot better if I took one day to get some rest. Instead, I will keep forging ahead and feel sick for a week.

I'm a martyr like that. (And I'm not saying that with pride.)

I just feel run down. Gizmo is sleeping well but I am lucky if I get more than six hours of sleep. The other 18 hours of my day feel like I'm going full tilt.

Our weekends are full with little downtime. The husband sent me a list of things we are doing through June. I think there is one weekend where we don't have anything planned.

It is starting to catch up with me, hence the yucky feeling (but not yucky enough to stay in bed, which is where I should be so I stop feeling yucky.)

What is your threshold for staying home sick?


~she~ said...

I hope you feel better soon!

This winter, I was so sick I could barely lift my head off the pillow. Fortunately, my kids were off on a snow day. Without asking, they took care of themselves and the baby the entire day. That was the sickest I've been in a long time and it was horrible. You don't get a day off when you're a SAHM, even when you're really sick.

Erica said...

Are you still breastfeeding? I feel like that makes everything harder too.

Michelle said...

Yes, I am still breastfeeding, which I agree is contributing to my worn out feeling.