Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something I love about parenthood

The Lad has been waking up screaming several times a night for the last few weeks. Maybe it's teeth or night terrors, or maybe he's just a ridiculously light sleeper like his daddy. I don't like this.

But I just went in to quiet him. He'd been crying for several minutes and was just getting angrier. Patting his back pissed him off, too. I pulled him and his blanky -- yes, his is getting as stinky as his brother's -- out of the crib and sat in the rocker. His squalling face made me laugh, and smiling, I started singing Dr. Seuss's ABCs in his ear. He screamed past the four fluffy feathers on a fiffer-feffer-feff, past little Lola Lop, past the policeman in a pail. He finally stopped at Rosy Robin Ross and her red rhinoceros. He literally cried himself to sleep in my lap. By the glow of the nightlight I rocked as The Lad cuddled against my chest. Belly to belly, I felt his breathing slow and even out into sleep after one last shuddering sigh. I finished my horrible, off-key song and just listened to my baby's breath and rubbed my face against his soft curls.

I don't want to think about the day my boys are too big to snuggle on my lap like that.


Catherine said...

It's horrible the nightmares. My daughter had them but now they're less frequent. We started talking about what she'd like to dream about and they vanished. Her grandmother and her also made a dream catcher but honestly just try talking about what he'd like to dream about.
Good luck.

Sarah said...

I love this post. Logan has taken to hugging and cuddling me while I feed Jake. It is so precious.

k said...

We still fold up into the chair in Ezra's room and rock and rock. I remember nursing him there and it makes me sad and wistful and happy and teary all at the same time.

d e v a n said...

The cuddling always ends too soon.

Shauna said...

Mine are 6 and 8, and both still love to fold themselves into my lap, even though the 6 yr old gets jealous of her brother whenever he makes a move to love on me! (But that's another issue!). Enjoy the snuggle time- I'm always worried it's going to end any day now.

Eve said...

I've been savoring sweet moments like this lately, too. Since switching to a big-boy bed, H has wanted me to lay with him for a few minutes at bedtime. When I do, he strokes my face and whispers, "I love you." Sometimes he makes his stuffed animals kiss me, then tells them they're "So sweet."
I don't want to think about the day when this stops.