Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Useless tidbits and pictures

* My hair is falling out. Lots and lots of hair gone. It is longer than it has been in years but I am tired of finding hairs all over the place so I am thinking of getting it cut. I did this after Peanut was born. For now, I just sport a pony tail or pony hair as Peanut calls it.

(I would show a picture of my hairbrush to demonstrate the immense amount of hair that falls out when I get ready but that just seemed gross. Just take my word for it. Damn hormones.)

* Gizmo's hair is falling out as well. I would guess at least half of it is gone from when she was born.

Going home from the hospital:


At least it is still long enough to sport her rocker chick style.

* This Saturday we have my nephew's soccer games, two birthday parties for three kids and a benefit for a friend's father. I am tired just thinking about it.

* Peanut is in love with the music from Beauty and the Beast. She makes me sing the opening song as we get ready in the morning. She loves the part where they say "bonjour." There is nothing cuter than a toddler singing "bonjour, bonjour, bonjour, bonjour, bonjour."

(Sadly I think I remember every single word to that movie from my childhood. Too bad my Econ work wasn't set to music in college. I would have aced it.)

* I haven't picked up a baby book to check Gizmo's progress in more than a month. It is quite liberating to just enjoy being with her and not charting everything. Right now I am watching her roll from her back almost completely to her side. If she keeps going like this, she'll be mobile before we know it. I am not ready for that.

* And just some cuteness for your day:


d e v a n said...

1 - the hair. OMG too cute. (Sorry you are losing yours!)

2- the last picture? SO CUTE.

Colleen said...

Her hair is too cute! :) And getting so light...

I lose a crap load of hair too now that it's long. I don't have hormones to blame...

Wouldn't the world be a better place is Disney made songs for everything?

Miss you!

k said...

Back when I was a newbie parent, I couldn't figure where all the black fuzz was coming from on Ezra's carseat and sheets. Turns out baby hair falls out! WHO KNEW!

Also, I want to snuggle your daughters. A lot.

~she~ said...

I'm still losing my hair and my baby is 2 1/2.

I love how long her mohawk is!